33 Tasty Muffin Tin Meals That Are Perfectly Portioned ...

Who knew that such a humble kitchen item could be used to create jaw dropping muffin tin meals that everyone will love? It turns out you can make a ton of pre-portioned and absolutely delicious meals in a muffin tin. Talk about easy! They are appealing to kids because they are small and things that take a while to cook are done in no time when you divide them into smaller portions. Check out these muffin tin meals and your life will never be the same.

1. Rice and Beans

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Mini servings of rice and beans are perfect on their own or for eating with tacos or burritos. That makes them one of the easiest muffin tin meals you'll ever encounter.

2. Quiche

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Quiche is such a versatile dish because you can mix and match ingredients to suit your tastes. The broccoli and cheddar in this one look just right to me.

3. Appetizers

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Muffin tin meals are better for more than just a meal. Use them as great appetizers or snacks at a party.

4. Entire Meal

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A muffin tin gives you the best place to serve up the ideal sized portions for little ones.

5. Oatmeal

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Customize several portions of oatmeal in one place by cooking it in a muffin tin.

6. Ham and Cheese

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Mold a slice of bread in the tins and fill them with ham and cheese for lunch.

7. Taco Bites

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Handheld taco bites are divine for dinner and you can eat what's leftover for snacks the next day.

8. Quesadillas

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Serve these mini muffin tin quesadillas with guacamole.

9. Bacon and Eggs

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Bacon cooks up nice and crispy in a muffin tin and you easily fill it with an egg for a tasty meal.

10. Meatloaf

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Tiny meatloaves cook a lot faster than a single loaf. Dinner ready quick - who could ask for more?

11. Burgers

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Use your muffin tin to make sliders for barbecues or parties. Everyone will love them!

12. Shepherd's Pie

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Easily transform mini meatloaves into shepherd's pie by topping them with mashed potatoes.

13. Holiday Meal

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Make your kids' day by serving them a themed meal in a muffin tin.

14. Small Crowd

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Cook several items in one muffin tin so you can prepare an entire meal in one place.

15. Potato Puffs

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These look so yummy. I'd serve them with grilled chicken or steak. Or maybe just eat a few on their own.

16. Lasagna

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Tiny lasagna rolls are the perfect answer for your pasta craving.

17. Mac and Cheese

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Nothing says comfort food like a muffin made out macaroni and cheese. Am I right?

18. Chicken Pot Pie

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Chicken pot pies are another meal that cook a lot faster when you create them in small portions.

19. Calzone

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Bite size calzones are perfect for pleasing everyone's individual filling preferences.

20. Hashbrowns and Eggs

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There isn't a better combination on earth than some crispy hashbrowns and a cooked egg.

21. Frittata

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Again, using the muffin tin allows you to customize a frittata for each person.

22. Bread Bowls

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These bread bowls look heavenly filled with pasta, but you could also use them for soup or salad once they're baked.

23. Perfect Portions

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If you're watching what you eat, try using a muffin tin to portion out your meals.

24. Potato Stacks

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I'm pretty sure I could make a meal out these by themselves.

25. Corned Beef and Swiss

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These are so cute with their fancy edges. And I bet they taste great too!

26. Pizza

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Make tiny pizzas in a crust cup for a variation on everyone's favorite food.

27. Scalloped Potatoes

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All that melted cheese makes these looks absolutely wonderful. I'd serve them with mini meatloaves.

28. Breakfast

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Pair your muffin tin breakfast with some fresh fruit for a complete meal.

29. BBQ Chicken

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What a fancy way to serve barbecue next time you have friends and family over.

30. Nice Presentation

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I love how cute these mini meals look when you put them on plates.

31. Chicken Alfredo Pasta Pies

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This one speaks for itself. It bet it's gooey and decadent when you bite into it.

32. Scrambled Eggs

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Give brunch new life with these little cups filled with scrambled eggs.

33. Chile Relleno Pie

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This will satisfy any Mexican food craving you might be having.

Have you ever cooked a meal in a muffin tin? I love to make the mini meatloaves for my kids. Which one will you try next?