7 Simple Ways to Jazz up the Dinner Table ...


7 Simple Ways to Jazz up the Dinner Table ...
7 Simple Ways to Jazz up the Dinner Table ...

Could you do with some ways to jazz up the dinner table? If you're having a dinner party, you'll want the table to look as appetising as the food. Sometimes it's nice to dress up the table a little anyway. So try these ways to jazz up the dinner table, and make your meal times a delight …

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Candle Jars

Candle Jars Candles are one of the nicest ways to jazz up the dinner table, but you don't have to buy fancy expensive candles to get a lovely look. Use your empty jars to make pretty candle holders. You can use different kinds of paint. Either cover the jars completely, or paint an abstract pattern. Use your imagination!



Herbs Have you ever eaten in a restaurant that has little pots of aromatic herbs on the tables? This is a lovely way to decorate your own dining room table. It will add some greenery as well as bringing a gorgeous scent to your table. You can also add the herbs to the dishes right at the table.



New PLACEMATS Perhaps it's time for some new placemats to add some color or interest to your table? You can find any number of delightful mats in stores. Or get out your sewing machine, raid your fabric stash, and make your own. They don't have to match; placemats could be in complementary colors or even clash completely.



Branches This is a really simple but attractive way of decorating your table, especially for Christmas or a special meal. Look for a thin branch in your garden or a fallen branch in the park. All you need to do then is spray it gold or silver. It will look stunning, especially if you place some candles nearby (but not too close!).


Revamp the Table

Revamp the Table Or perhaps your table itself could do with a revamp? There are lots of ways to upcycle your table and give it a brand new look. You could paint it, try decoupage, or cover it with a pretty paper (it will need varnishing to add a layer of protection). A tired table can be given a new lease of life and make the room look completely different. Or try covering the chairs with some pretty fabric, making each chair different if you want.



Runner Table runners have become a bit of a décor cliché, but they really do make a table look striking. Use different runners to ring the changes, or make one yourself. This could be a useful way of using up odd scraps of fabric left over from other projects.



Ornaments Look around thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales for eye-catching ornaments or other objects that would look good on your table. The quirkier, the better; look for something that will make you smile every time you see it. Or assemble a small collection of objects - preferably not too large, or there won't be any space to eat!

Dining tables don't need to be utilitarian and functional; with some simple decorations they can be fun spaces that you will enjoy sitting at. Meals should be enjoyable, and the table forms an important part in creating a pleasant environment. Do you like a formal dining space, or are you happier with a tray on your lap in front of the TV?

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