7 Ways to Make Salad Taste Better ...


If you’re dieting, you’re probably eating a lot of salads — lots of bland, boring salads — so you’re probably wondering if there are ways to make salad taste better. Oh gosh, yes! There are lots of ways to make salad taste better, and most of them are really easy! Here are my picks for what to add to take your salad from dull to delightful! Let’s rock that salad!

1. Skip the Iceberg

I don’t know why, but we tend to make salads with the most bland, tasteless, nutritionally-deficient green ever: iceberg lettuce. One of the best ways to make salad taste better is to start with greens that taste better than iceberg lettuce. Try spinach or romaine or Bibb, or buy a bag of those mixed greens… they’re more nutrient-rich and much more flavorful, too!

Add Some Fruit
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