7 Delicious Ways to Use Cranberries ...


There are so many more ways to use cranberries than to plop them on a plate straight out of the can. Although, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that if you like it. On the other hand, if you are on the hunt for uses for fresh, dried or frozen cranberries, you have come to the right place. I have gathered several of the best ways to use cranberries and put them together for you here. Get ready to be inspired to get in the kitchen and make something tasty.

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Make a Pie

One of the easiest ways to use cranberries is to sub them out for something else. When you make pie, you probably won’t want to go with all cranberries because they can be very tart. Instead, go half and half. Mix them with blueberries or raspberries to make a delicious pie. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream to round things out.


Whip up a Smoothie

Smoothies make a great breakfast on the go and are a tasty snack too. Cranberries go well in smoothies because the sweet flavor of your other ingredients tend to balance out the tanginess of fresh cranberries. Try a mixture of Greek yogurt, cranberries, mango chunks, honey and skim milk. Of course, that’s just one idea. Mix and match your favorites until you find one that you love.


As a Garnish

You have to admit that cranberries have a great color. You can use that to enhance the look of your meals for presentation benefits. While you can eat them if you want to, they make a great garnish if you don’t want to eat them fresh. Scatter cranberries on a platter with meat or over the top of a salad. You’ll love the way it looks!


As an Ice Cream Topping

Nothing goes better with ice cream than fruit, don’t you think? If you love a banana split or a strawberry sundae, you will love how cranberries taste on your frozen treat. The best thing to do is to cook them down into a syrup or compote so that it’s warm and a bit sweeter than plain cranberries are. Of course, you can also go for dried cranberries if that’s easier for you.


Sugar Them

Have you ever had the deliciousness that is sugared nuts? You can get them at fairs and mall kiosks all over the country. It turns out that the technique works on cranberries too. To make this yummy snack, dissolve sugar with water and spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. Then toss the mixture with the cranberries and enjoy.


Put Them on a Turkey Sandwich

Put Them on a Turkey Sandwich The time of Thanksgiving leftovers is rapidly approaching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty turkey and cranberry sandwich anytime you want to. Use canned cranberries or cooked fresh cranberries for this one because raw, fresh cranberries won’t work that well.


Toss Them in Baked Goods

Toss Them in Baked Goods Your favorite muffin or sweet bread recipe can be taken to the next level by adding some cranberries to your batter. They work great in orange flavored treats, but you can also try them in pumpkin or chocolate versions. Give it a try. I think you are going to love how wonderful this tastes.

What’s your favorite thing to do with cranberries? Do you eat them all the time or just at Thanksgiving? If you can’t get enough, buy them frozen so you always have some on hand when a craving hits. Will you try any of these ideas?

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