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34 Food Infographics to Make You a Better Technical Cook ...

By Neecey

Food infographics educate us about so many things in the world of food and some of the most helpful are those that increase our technical knowledge. They form handy reference guides or aide memoirs when we're working in our kitchens, preparing food for the family or entertaining. Food infographics teach us techniques and how to make the best of our food. Let's take at some very useful infographics about food.

1 How to Grill Meat

How to Grill MeatVia Celebrate Dad with These Infographics ...
This is an important food infographic for anyone who loves to grill. It will help you avoid any nasty issue of food poisoning.

2 Wine Glasses

Wine GlassesVia Types of Wine Glasses (Infographic) ...
What type of wine glass do you need for each type of wine? This infographic shows you!

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3 Beer & Food Pairings

Beer & Food PairingsVia
It's common to know more about wine and food pairings but here's info about beer and food.

4 Make No Mis-steaks

Make No Mis-steaksVia Make No Mis-Steak – Grilling ...
How to grill steaks for a crowd so each is made to order and done at the exact same time

5 How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

How to Make the Perfect SmoothieVia How to Build the World's ...
Once you know the building blocks, you can make hundreds of combinations.

6 Home Canning Basics

Home Canning BasicsVia Easy Recipes for the Novice ...
Now you know how to treat all that lovely produce from your garden or the farmers market.

7 Cooking Utensils

Cooking UtensilsVia Infographic: A Map Of Every ...
How many do you own?

8 Knife Cuts

Knife CutsVia Know Your Knife Cuts [Infographic] ...
This will make it easier to understand recipes.

9 Tea Time

Tea TimeVia Tea Time: Your Guide to ...
There's art and science in making the perfect cup of tea.

10 Pomegranates

PomegranatesVia Pomegranate-Basil Dressing
Be intimidated by this delicious jewel of a fruit no more.

11 Grilling

GrillingVia The Grill Master Infographic Will ...
Become a master of the grill - the barbecue queen of your neighborhood.

12 The Shelf Life of Food

The Shelf Life of FoodVia The Shelf Life of Food ...
This will help you shop better and cut down on food waste.

13 Wine and Cheese

Wine and CheeseVia 13 Can’t-Go-Wrong Wine and Cheese ...
Become a bit of a wine and cheese buff.

14 Wine Dessert Pairings

Wine Dessert PairingsVia Yummies
Be a super hostess at your next dinner party.

15 Kitchen Conversions for Baking

Kitchen Conversions for BakingVia Kitchen Conversions for Baking Explained
This will help you on your way to becoming a master baker.

16 Conversions

ConversionsVia Recipe Conversion Basics Article - ...
Now it won't matter if your recipes are from the USA or elsewhere.

17 How to Marinate

How to MarinateVia How To Marinate And Make ...
Don't you hate it when you get recipes that say marinate for between so and so and you don't know how long so and so is best.

18 Place Settings

Place SettingsVia Place Settings & Table Etiquette ...
An easy graphic to show you how to lay your table.

19 Cake Management

Cake ManagementVia Compare Modeling Chocolate, Fondant & ...
Ever wondered what the differences were?

20 Spices by Cuisine

Spices by CuisineVia Spices by Cuisine (vertical) | ...
Take your basic dishes on a tour of the world's cuisines with the addition of spices.

21 Drinking Customs

Drinking CustomsVia The World's 25 Strangest Drinking ...
Impress everyone with your food and drink knowledge.

22 Leftovers

LeftoversVia How Fresh is Your Fridge? ...
Knowing how to manage your leftovers cuts down on cost and waste.

23 Kitchen Knives

Kitchen KnivesVia Everything You Need to Know ...
Hone your knife skills

24 How to Order Coffee around the World -

How to Order Coffee around the World -Via How to Order Coffee Around ...
Study this and you'll never be unsure of how to order your favorite coffee anywhere.

25 A Beginner's Guide to Sushi

A Beginner's Guide to SushiVia Infographic: A Beginner's Guide to ...
If you love the idea of sushi but haven't dipped your toe yet, now's the time to learn and then take the plunge.


SPENDING LESS on FOODVia Finances / Work
Some food infographics are more universally welcomed than others.

27 Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Kitchen Cheat SheetVia 18 Professional Kitchen Infographics to ...
The most comprehensive food infographic you'll find.

28 Guide to Flavoring with Spices

Guide to Flavoring with SpicesVia The Ultimate Infographic Guide to ...
Herbs and spices can make such a difference to the food you prepare. This will help you choose what goes with what.

29 Thanksgiving Planner

Thanksgiving PlannerVia Operations Thanksgiving Computation Starts Now ...
It may only be once a year but it's so important to get Thanksgiving dinner right. And we all need a helping hand.

30 Food Safety

Food SafetyVia Your Guide to Food Safety ...
Be a smart, cleaver and safe cook.

31 Grilling Guide

Grilling GuideVia 18 Professional Kitchen Infographics to ...
Where it goes on the grill is one of the secrets to great barbecued food.

32 Master "Fusion" Cooking

Master "Fusion" CookingVia Master “Fusion” Cooking With Three ...
Take your cooking to the next level. Add 3 herbs/spices to any meal to make it more interesting

33 Cake Commitment

Cake CommitmentVia Types of Wedding Cakes
Really helpful if you are serious about cake.

34 Chinese Food

Chinese FoodVia Finally, Chinese Cuisine Explained
The important stuff to know about one of the world's greatest and favorite cuisines.

Do you think you'll find these food infographics useful? I especially like the measurement conversions and the knife skills. And the cheat sheet in #27.

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