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7 Snacks to Stash at Work when You're on a Diet ...

By Alicia

It’s been hours since breakfast and it’s not quite lunch time. What’s a working girl to do? You don’t want to hit the vending machine for something high in calories and low in nutritional value. Instead, stash some of these 7 snacks at work to get you through.

1 Fruit 🍏

Fruit 🍏Fruit is always a good choice for a snack. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals your body needs. It’s also low calorie and gives you a sweet treat the natural way. Fresh fruit is best but dried fruit can work as well. Just be careful with the dried fruit variety. It’s easy to eat more calories than you realize very quickly.

2 Protein Bars 🍽

Protein Bars 🍽Protein bars are a good choice for a snack or meal replacement in an emergency. If you absolutely can’t get away for a lunch break, this can help hold you over for a few hours. Protein is the delightful part of food that helps you to feel full. It also gives you strength to push through your day. Just be careful to choose a protein bar that isn’t full of sugar.

3 Nuts 🌰

Nuts 🌰Nuts are a wonderful food to eat for a snack or anytime. They’re also a good choice to top your morning oatmeal with or add some crunch to your salad. But as a snack, they’re great because they’re a good source of protein as well as vitamins and minerals. One thing you do have to be careful with about nuts is the serving size, though. They’re very calorie dense.

4 Kale Chips 🌿

Kale Chips 🌿This’s a snack that I’ve recently discovered. Kale chips are just what they sound like, pieces of kale that have been made into chip form. And while they’re no bag of Lays, they’re a healthy choice when you’re craving something to crunch. They’re quickly gaining popularity and becoming a staple on supermarket shelves. It’s a great snack to stash at work for when the urge to nibble strikes.

5 Popcorn 🍿

Popcorn 🍿Popcorn can be a friend or a foe to your diet. If it’s loaded with butter then it’s diet sabotage. But popcorn that’s air popped or only lightly buttered is a great choice for a snack. It’s a good source of fiber and low calorie if prepared correctly. The fiber in popcorn makes it filling so it’ll tide you over until your next meal. You can bring it already prepared and ready to eat or throw some bags of microwave popcorn in your desk drawer.

6 Dark Chocolate 🍫

Dark Chocolate 🍫Yes, you can snack on chocolate without ruining your diet. Dark chocolate has actually been discovered to be a heart-healthy food because of the antioxidants found in it. The darker the chocolate, the more benefit you’re going to get from it. Of course, you can’t indulge to your heart’s desire but a couple small squares will hit the spot when you want a chocolaty treat. Dark chocolate is very satisfying so it’s a perfect choice.

7 Water 💦

Water 💦Water isn’t actually a snack but it’s a good option to reach for when you’re hungry for a snack. Thirst can be misinterpreted as hunger. You think you’re hungry but what you really need is water. Try drinking a glass of water before you reach for a snack. Many times, you’ll find that the urge to snack is gone after some hydration.

These’re 7 snack ideas to stash at work when you’re on a diet. What’re your go-to snacks when you’re on a diet? I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

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