17 Kitchen Gadgets That Can Actually Help You Eat Healthier ...

By Eliza

17 Kitchen Gadgets  That Can Actually  Help You Eat Healthier  ...

Healthy eating is likely a goal of yours just like it is mine. Eating the right foods is a good lifestyle choice because they fuel your entire body for the best overall health possible. That being said, eating nutritiously isn't always the easiest thing in the world. That's why you need these handy gadgets that make it so much easier. Just try them - you'll see!

Table of contents:

  1. reusable food prep containers
  2. fruit and veggie keepers
  3. herb chopper
  4. homemade salad dressing blender
  5. voodle maker
  6. veggie steamer
  7. magic bullet
  8. small countertop grill
  9. rice cooker
  10. water bottle with flavor
  11. herb keeper
  12. salad to go
  13. microwave steamer
  14. orange juicer
  15. egg poacher
  16. immersion blender
  17. greenpan nonstick skillet

1 Reusable Food Prep Containers

Reusable Food Prep Containers amazon.com
Use these super handy containers to perfectly portion your healthy foods.

2 Fruit and Veggie Keepers

Fruit and Veggie Keepers foodhuggers.com
Make sure all your healthy fruits and veggies stay fresh for next time you want to eat one.

3 Herb Chopper

Herb Chopper target.com
Add tons of low-fat flavor to your meals with this easy herb chopper.

4 Homemade Salad Dressing Blender

Homemade Salad Dressing Blender amazon.com
Making your own healthy salad dressing can save you tons of fat and calories.

5 Voodle Maker

Voodle Maker amazon.com
Veggie noodles are super trendy and way lower in fat and calories than the regular kind.

6 Veggie Steamer

Veggie Steamer oxo.com
Steamed veggies are the perfect addition to a healthy meal plan and this steamer makes it easy to prepare them.

7 Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet getmagicbullet.com
Whip up nutritious smoothies, sauces and other delicious things with this handy gadget.

8 Small Countertop Grill

Small Countertop Grill georgeforemancooking.com
Grilling meats and veggies saves calories and this little grill can be used indoors.

9 Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker amazon.com
Coo the perfect portion of rice for a healthy side dish with this gadget.

10 Water Bottle with Flavor

Water Bottle with Flavor uncommongoods.com
Drinking water is important and this bottle lets you flavor it without any added sugar.

11 Herb Keeper

Herb Keeper uncommongoods.com
Herbs are a fat-free way to add flavor to all your meals and this little device keeps them fresh for you.

12 Salad to Go

Salad to Go amazon.com
Your lunchtime meal just got a whole lot healthier!

13 Microwave Steamer

Microwave Steamer target.com
Use this steamer to prepare fast and easy meals that are super healthy.

14 Orange Juicer

Orange Juicer amazon.com
Freshly squeezed orange juice is way healthier than the store bought kind.

15 Egg Poacher

Egg Poacher amazon.com
Eggs are a prime source of protein, making them the perfect choice for a healthy diet.

16 Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender target.com
Use this handy tool to make healthy soups without ever feeling deprived.

17 Greenpan Nonstick Skillet

Greenpan Nonstick Skillet macys.com
This is the only pan you'll ever need to create fabulously healthy meals right at home.

Which one is at the top of your list? Do you think it will help you eat better?

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