7 Steps for Cutting a Mango and Getting to the Delicious Fruit ...


The steps for cutting a mango are totally worth learning because you can enjoy this delicious tropical fruit with ease. I love mangoes, but they can be a bit intimidating. For starters, you want to find a fruit thatโ€™s soft, but not squishy. If itโ€™s really hard, itโ€™s not ripe yet and if itโ€™s too soft it wonโ€™t taste as good. Here are my handy steps for cutting a mango. Once you master the technique, youโ€™ll never look back.

1. Wash the Mango

You never know who handled the mango at the grocery store or whether it has pesticide or soil residue on it, so you definitely want to wash it. In fact, this is probably the most important of the steps for cutting a mango. When you cut into it, any bacteria or germs on the skin will transfer to the flesh. A good washing reduces the risk and leaves you with a delicious (and sanitary) treat.

Cut the Sides
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