How You Can Be Eating Ice Cream in Just Ten Minutes ...


Yes you read the title correctly – there really are just 7 steps to making ice cream and seriously, it does only take 10 minutes. I would never have believed it either but I saw London food writer and chef Rachel Khoo make it on one of her shows and then I found a recipe for it online (not from Miss Khoo). Despite there being only 7 steps to making ice cream in this recipe, you’re going to love it. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it will taste like the best ice cream this summer. (So much so, you’ll be making it spring, fall and winter too.)

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Before we launch into the steps to making ice cream let’s just understand why you should make it yourself. Firstly, as I mentioned it’s cheap. Really tasty ice cream can be a very expensive treat while cheap ice creams are full of additives and processed ingredients – some ice “creams” contain hardly any real milk. When you make your own ice cream, you not only save money, you can control the ingredients you use. Secondly, it’s too simple to pass on. You don’t need an ice cream maker and you don’t have to … wait that’s a secret, I’ll tell you later. Lastly, there’s always something very satisfying knowing you’re eating something you made yourself – something you normally buy - and it gives you bragging rights if you share it with friends.


Tools and Ingredients

This is going to be the strangest looking recipe for ice cream you’ll ever read.

½ cup milk
2 tbsp sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract
Big pile of ice cubes (lots of!)
6 tbsp salt
1 large resealable plastic bag
1 smaller resealable plastic bag

As you can see, you don’t need any fancy equipment. And, you may be asking why bags? What do you put the ice cream in to freeze? Read on my lovelies to find out.


Fill It

Now you’ve assembled everything you need, it’s time to get started. The first thing to do is fill the largest of the plastic bags with ice. It should be at least half full. Also add the salt to this bag.


Mix It

Into the smaller bag put the milk, sugar and vanilla extract. Seal the bag really well. Give the bag a gentle shake a few times to mix all the ingredients.


Pack It

Now put the smaller bag inside the bigger bag full of ice. Seal the bag. Leave space for the contents to “roll around” a little.


Shake It

I’m now ready to tell you the secret and why you don’t need any containers to freeze your homemade ice cream. What you do is pick up your bag parcel and shake it. Shake it vigorously for 8-10 minutes. And guess what, I’ve just thought this might well be negative calorie ice cream! Give yourself a serious upper body workout shaking your ice cream and burn the calories you’ll consume when you eat it. After 8 minutes, gently squeeze the bag to see if your ice cream has “frozen”. If not, carry on shakey shakey for another couple of minutes.


Eat It

Remove your ice cream from the bags and devour, hungrily. Once you’ve mastered this extremely difficult (not!) technique you can start experimenting with flavors. Probably best to add after you’ve made it because some ingredients may affect the freezing process. Swirl through berry pulp, ripple through jam, squirt with chocolate or fudge sauce, add some chocolate chips or popping candy … whatever takes your fancy.

Okay my darlings – time to go and make your own ice cream. Come back and tell me how it worked out and how you served it.

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I love this thank you!!

This sounds sooo good

Cool :)

I just tried works great !!!! Thank you for the tip !

I dont drink dairy or consume sugar. How would I go about maken this with hemp milk?

This was fabulous! Easy peasy! And the perfect amount for one person. Thanks

We always made this icecream in science class back in year 8 and 9. So much fun!

Rish, my dear Lauren, your amazing recipe is fantastic! I love your substance, style and simplicity. On top of all your creativity! I make indian kulfi for my boys. They love it. I use condensed milk, cream, cardamom and flavours . Thanks.

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