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7 Strange Fruits from around the World That You Should Try ...

By Eliza

There are so many strange fruits from around the world and I bet you’ll love them. By making it a goal to try new ones when you can, you can eat some yummy new stuff and also get a bunch of vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health. Summertime is the perfect time to try out new strange fruits from around the world as you travel the world when the weather warms up. Start with these and then let me know which ones you like best.

1 Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s Hand This is one weird piece of food and is probably one of the top strange fruits from around the world. It hails from China and India and looks like a gnarled yellow hand that is kind of waxy and shiny. It’s part of the citrus family, which is also the flavor you’ll get when you sample it. It’s best for juice and zest, but you can also eat the actual fruit. All you have to do is break it into segments and enjoy.

2 Kumquats

Kumquats My kids love how small and cute kumquats are and I bet you’ll agree. Aside from how adorable this tiny, orange fruit is, it has a citrus-like flavor that is tart and tangy. You can use the peel to flavor sauces, cocktails and fruit salad, and the flesh of the fruit is super yummy on its own or in the above sauces and salads. You can get them elsewhere, but kumquats are native to Pacific Asia so if you have a trip there planned, you can try the freshest ones around.

3 Rambutan

Once unknown to me and native to Indonesia and Malaysia, I’ve actually seen more about rambutans lately, so you might be able to find them at specialty grocery stores or farmers markets. This fruit is hairy on the outside, but the smooth, white flesh is similar in appearance and taste to a grape. It is more commonly imported these days so I hope you get to try it very soon. You might even see it growing wild if you visit its homeland.

4 Pummelo

Pummelo My family enjoys trying new fruits, and if we ever get to Fiji, this is one we’ll be lucky enough to find and eat. It is green on the outside and pink on the inside. It actually looks like a giant grapefruit. It’s citrusy and works great in salads and for garnishes. You’ll love it – I promise! Pummelos are also native to China, Japan, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

5 African Horned Cucumber

African Horned Cucumber Yes, it’s a fruit and as the name suggests is native to Africa, though it’s grown in several other countries these days. It tastes like a combination of zucchini and cucumber. However, it looks nothing like the cucumber you’re used to. Instead of being light green it’s yellow and spiky on the outside, but dark green on the inside. It’s not exported heavily, but you might get lucky and find one close to home.

6 Lychee

Lychee Lychees are bound to hit the superfoods list one of these days. If you are heading to China anytime soon, you can try them fresh. You’ll also find them in skincare products due to the high antioxidant content, but lychees also taste great and score you some great health benefits at the same time. They look a bit like a raspberry, but once you peel the lychee, it has a clear inner flesh that tastes very much like a grape or berry.

7 Mangosteen

Mangosteen This is another fruit that’s getting more attention and mainly grows in Southeast Asia. You’ve probably heard about it for its mega health benefits. Mangosteens taste like a sweet, slightly sour peach, and they are segmented and white on the inside. They have been imported to America, but they don’t come cheap, so be prepared to shell out for a taste of this fruit.

Have you ever tried any of these fruits? I am on the quest to sample them all and I can’t wait until I do. Are you headed the store to seek one out?


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