7 Nutrients in Peaches That Will Make You Love Them Even More ...


7 Nutrients in Peaches That Will Make You Love Them Even More ...
7 Nutrients in Peaches That Will Make You Love Them Even More ...

The nutrients in peaches are plentiful and since they are fresh and in season this time of year, you can save money on fruit while also loading up on vitamins and minerals. Look for peaches that are slightly firm, but soft to the touch. Store them in the refrigerator once they’re ripe so they don’t spoil so quickly. Serve peaches whole for a yummy snack, or slice them for pie. You can also chop peaches for fruit salad or use them in a tart or cobbler. I love fresh peaches in oatmeal. Check out these nutrients in peaches and you’ll want to eat them too.

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Fiber A cup of peaches has more than 2 grams of fiber, making it one of the most important nutrients in peaches. You need fiber to regulate your digestion and keep you regular, but it also plays a role in your cholesterol levels and can help prevent heart disease. And if that’s not awesome enough, fiber also controls your appetite and can be a powerful tool for dropping excess weight.



Potassium I have to watch my potassium intake so it’s nice to know which foods I should be eating lots of. Peaches contain nearly 300 milligrams per cup. You need potassium because it helps regulate your blood pressure. Too little and you run the run the risk of dangerous heart complications. A potassium deficiency is fairly rare, unless you have an eating disorder, but it pays to make sure you’re getting enough.



Magnesium Magnesium helps keep your bones healthy and works with calcium to do so. People who are deficient in this mineral often complain of severe headaches, so you can be sure it plays a role in that too. Peaches serve up 14 milligrams of magnesium per cup.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C You’ve probably heard the advice about taking vitamin C to ward off the common cold. That’s because it boosts immunity and helps keep you healthy. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant so it fights free radical damage, which helps prevent a whole range of diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Getting plenty of vitamin C is important and a cup of peaches gives you more than 10 milligrams.


Vitamin a

Vitamin a Vitamin A is another antioxidant and a cup of peaches weighs in with 502 IU. You also need this nutrient to support your immunity as well as keep your teeth and gums healthy. It’s important to keep in mind that vitamin A is one of a few nutrients that is toxic in large amounts. If you decide to gorge on peaches, try to watch the rest of your fruit and vegetable intake so you don’t get too much. To clarify, vitamin A toxicity is pretty rare, but it’s always a good idea to be aware of it.


Vitamin K

Vitamin K You might not hear as much about vitamin K as you do other nutrients. However, it’s just as important, though you need it in smaller amounts than many other vitamins. You need vitamin K because it helps clot your blood, which is pretty important if you get hurt. A cup of peaches give you 4 micrograms, so they’re a good way to contribute to your daily recommended intake.



Iron You can’t rely on peaches to satisfy your entire iron quota but the nearly 1 gram each cup contains certainly contributes. Iron helps transport oxygen through your blood and throughout your body. Get too little and you run the risk of developing anemia, which can leave you tired and sluggish. Women especially need to watch their iron intake because we lose blood during menstruation. Iron is also important during pregnancy so be sure you’re getting enough if you are pregnant or plan to conceive in the near future.

Do you enjoy the fresh peaches that summer often bring? I love peaches mixed with blueberries for breakfast and they can’t be beat mixed with brown sugar in a heaping bowl of oatmeal. How will you eat your next peach?

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more pics of apricots than peaches on this post... just saying


Awesome :) love peaches :)

I love peaches but sadly, it makes my bloat and feel constipated :(

1st and last is apricot not peach.

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