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7 Essential Items to Always Have in Your Pantry ...

By Jessica

Having a well-stocked and organized pantry can be daunting, especially if you don't know the items to always have in your pantry for the right occasions. Despite food preferences and diet, there are just some items you can't (and shouldn't!) go without in the pantry that stores your edibles. If you're curious to know what you should have stocked up right now, keep reading! Here are some essential items to always have in your pantry for any occasion.

1 Gallons of Water

Gallons of WaterOne of the most vital items to always have in your pantry are gallons of water. You never know when a crisis might arise and we all need water, more so than food, to survive. That may be extreme but water is something you never want to be stuck without. So stock up on some spring water and hope you don't have to use it as backup!

2 Canned Soups & Beans

Canned Soups & BeansWhen I think of a well-stocked pantry, I think of your favorite canned soups, lentils and various beans. These are great for cooking with and creating homestyle, comforting dishes for a rainy day. Canned food is always essential to have continuously stocked for "just in case" situations and events.


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3 Your Favorite Crackers & Take-along Snack Items

Your Favorite Crackers & Take-along Snack ItemsAs a mom on the go, I love to have my pantry filled with grab-and-go snack items for both myself and my son. It's a good idea to take snacks with you while you're out, just in case hunger strikes! There are many healthy options available, including gluten and dairy-free, that make life easy for those with intolerances. You can even store some snacks in your car in case you forget to stop by your pantry on your way out the door.

4 Baking Flour

Baking FlourDon't you hate it when you're in the mood to bake something lovely and you have all the ingredients...except flour? Flour is literally the glue that hold most baked goods together, so having it on hand is essential. There are great substitutes now available, such as coconut flour and almond flour, although these can be harder to work with.

5 Time-saving Breakfast Options

Time-saving Breakfast OptionsSome days are just rushed and require breakfast to be either super quick or skipped altogether to save time. It's never a good idea to skip breakfast so to avoid that situation, keep your pantry stocked with time-saving breakfast items such as healthy cereals and low-sugar oatmeal options. These are yummy even when you're not in a hurry!

6 Cooking Oils

Cooking OilsCooking oils like olive oil, coconut oil and vegetable oil are necessary in most prepared dishes. I love the crazy variety of healthy oils to choose from, so pick your favorite oils that work well with most of your cooking needs, and keep them in supply!

7 Rice and Pasta

Rice and PastaDepending on your dietary needs and preferences, you may opt not to have rice and pasta in your pantry. For most, rice serves as a staple and pasta, especially whole grain pasta, is a quick meal option that's always satisfying. Luckily with your oils on hand (and hopefully nearby spice rack) you can whip up a quick oil dressing!

These are just a few pantry essentials but there are numerous others that can be added to the list! What are you favorite pantry items you can't go without?

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