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7 Exotic Fruits from the Amazon to Try ...

By Chelsie

By now, everyone knows about the nutritious and tasty acai berry that comes from the Amazon rainforest, but there many more fruits from the Amazon to try. Many of the fruits that can be found in the Amazon rainforest are unlike any other fruit. There are quite exotic, but also have wonderful flavors. A few of the fruits from the Amazon can be found in grocery stores as dried, powdered, or frozen fruit. However, many of the fruits from the Amazon are perishable and don’t ship well, which is why you will want to try these fruits if you ever have an opportunity to go to Brazil.

1 Bacuri

BacuriBacuri is one of the fruits from the Amazon that Brazilians love. It grows wild on tall trees throughout the Amazon basin. Bacuri has a thick yellowish brown skin and a sticky pulp. The fruit is both sweet and tart, which gives it an unusual but delicious flavor.

2 Caju

CajuDid you know that the cashew nut comes from parts of the caju fruit? Caju fruit is very perishable and fragile, which means you can only eat it fresh where it grows. It is a very odd looking fruit that has an orange-red skin and a bean-like appendage. Generally, the fruit is juiced because it can be astringent. However, when eaten very ripe, caju fruit can be sweet.


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3 Guarana

GuaranaGuarana has garnered a lot of attention for boosting metabolism. It is a stimulating fruit because it contains caffeine, which is precisely why Amazonians eat guarana. This small fruit is actually a berry that has a red color, and it grows in the Amazon River basin. It is easy to get because of its popularity for weight loss; however, usually it is found as a supplement. To try the berries fresh you would have to travel to the Amazon.

4 Pitanga

PitangaPitanga is also known as the Brazilian cherry; however, it is only distantly related to cherries. Despite the distant relation to cherries, Pitanga has an equally beautiful red color and is also very healthy. It has a lot of vitamin C and calcium. Pitanga is often juiced, and the juice is very popular in Brazil.

5 Acerola

AcerolaWhile Pitanga is considered the Brazilian cherry, Acerola fruit is considered the Amazon cherry. It is well-known for its health benefits, among which include having 20 to 30 times more vitamin C than an orange. Due to its high vitamin C content, it is often consumed in Brazil as a health tonic. The fruit is very perishable, which means you can only find it fresh in Brazil. However, it is very easy to find acerola powder online.

6 Capuaçu

CapuaçuCapuaçu is a melon sized fruit that grows on trees. It has a creamy white pulp with a delicious flavor. Because capuaçu is in the same family as cacao, it has a slight chocolate flavor. It also has hints of banana, pear, passion fruit, and pineapple, which make it a tasty tropical treat. As you can imagine, the pulp is well liked for its flavor, but it is also enjoyed for its many nutrients.

7 Graviola

GraviolaGraviola is a dark green fruit with prickly skin. The pulp is creamy and white and studded with black seeds, and it ranges in flavor from being tart to semi-sweet. Although it is eaten raw, graviola is often made into juices and sorbets.

The Amazon rainforest has so many rare and exotic fruits. These are just a few of the wonderful fruits the Amazon has to offer. Although I have only ever tried the Amazon’s acai berry, I would gladly try any of these fruits if I had a chance. Have you ever tasted these exotic fruits?


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