24 Tempting Tuna Recipes for Your Lunchbox ...

By Eliza

Canned tuna is a great item for your meal plans. It's super affordable and really easy to work with. You can do lots of different things with tuna and it makes a great lunchtime meal choice. It's loaded with protein, iron and other important nutrients and tastes good at the same time. Tuna is also low in calories and contains omega-3 fatty acids. No matter what your health goal, these tuna recipes are sure to help you get there.

1 Tuna Melts on Tomatoes

Tuna Melts on Tomatoes Source: TUNA MELTS - Linda's Low ...
This tuna recipe is really easy and makes a filling and low-calorie meal in the middle of the day.

2 Healthy Tuna Patties

Healthy Tuna Patties Source: Tuna Patties - Kayla's Joy
These are great with a salad or as an alternative to a burger at lunchtime.

3 Tuna Noddle Casserole

Tuna Noddle Casserole Source: Tuna Noodle Casserole
Whip this up the for dinner and you have lunch leftovers without any extra effort.

4 Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe

Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe Source: CopyCat Panera Tuna Salad Sandwich ...
Of course, you can never go wrong with a tasty tuna fish sandwich.

5 Tuna Macaroni Salad

Tuna Macaroni Salad Source: Tuna Macaroni Salad
Stretch a can of tuna to feed a few people without anyone going hungry by adding cooked pasta to it.

6 Lazy Sushi

Lazy Sushi Source: Lea's Cooking: "Lazy Sushi"
You don't have to a be a sushi master to make a great tasting tuna sushi recipe.

7 Broccoli Tuna Casserole Bake

Broccoli Tuna Casserole Bake Source: Low Carb Broccoli Tuna Casserole ...
This one pot wonder is perfect for serving a family at lunchtime.

8 Avocado Tuna Salad

Avocado Tuna Salad Source: taste-for-adventure.tablespoon.com
Take your tuna salad to the next level by adding mashed avocado to it.

9 Healthy Tuna Salad Cucumber Boat

Healthy Tuna Salad Cucumber Boat Source: The official blog for Lassens ...
Your kids will love finding these in their lunchbox. You'll love them too.

10 Kicked up Tuna Melts

Kicked up Tuna Melts Source: Kicked-Up Tuna Melts - Tastes ...
This riff on the classic tuna melt is super tasty.

11 Dill Tuna "sandwiches"

Dill Tuna "sandwiches" Source: Low Carb Sandwich #8: Ultimate ...
I'll have a few of these for lunch, wouldn't you?

12 Tuna Bell Peppers

Tuna Bell Peppers Source: Paleo Tuna Bell Peppers and ...
This little gem is perfect for a healthy, but satisfying lunch at the office.

13 Tuna Salad with Apples and Greek Yogurt

Tuna Salad with Apples and Greek Yogurt Source: Tuna Salad with Apples and ...
This sweet, but hearty tuna salad recipe is great with crackers or on its own.

14 Tuna Croquettes

Tuna Croquettes Source: pintsizedtreasures.com
These are really easy to make and super tasty to eat.

15 Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil Pasta

Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil Pasta Source: Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil ...
This refreshing meal is perfect for dinner, but it makes a great lunch too.

16 White Bean Tuna Salad

White Bean Tuna Salad Source: White Bean Tuna Salad | ...
Give your tuna salad an extra dose of fiber and protein by tossing in some white beans.

17 Spicy Tuna Melt Wrap

Spicy Tuna Melt Wrap Source: Spicy Tuna Melt Wrap - ...
This handheld tuna meal is perfect for eating when you're busy at lunchtime.

18 Avocado Tuna Melt

Avocado Tuna Melt Source: Avocado Tuna Melt -
Adding avocado to your tuna melt takes it to the next level with ease.

19 Sweet Pepper Poppers

Sweet Pepper Poppers Source: Paleo Sweet Pepper Poppers | ...
These tuna stuffed sweet peppers are a great lunch. Serve them with some fruit.

20 Sun Dried Tomato Tuna Salad in Egg Whites

Sun Dried Tomato Tuna Salad in Egg Whites Source: Sun-dried Tomato Tuna Salad in ...
What a tasty alternative to deviled eggs, don't you think?

21 Served in an Avocado

Served in an Avocado Source: Paleo Avocado Tuna Salad - ...
This lunch is scoopable with a spoon and will taste so good you won't want your lunch break to ever end.

22 Tuna Quesadillas with Cream Cheese

Tuna Quesadillas with Cream Cheese Source: Tuna Quesadillas
Dip these crispy quesadillas in salsa or guacamole for a tasty meal that can't be beat.

23 Roasted Zucchini Tuna Melts

Roasted Zucchini Tuna Melts Source: Roasted Zucchini Tuna Melts - ...
I could eat a few of these. What about you?

24 Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps Source: Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps | ...
If you love lettuce wraps, you are going to love them packed with tuna salad.

What's your favorite way to eat tuna? Did you see a recipe here that you can't wait to try?

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