9. The Classic Pina Colada

The Classic Pina Colada

This is another cocktail that makes you think of the soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere. Three ingredients are all it takes to make this delicious drink.

3 oz rum

3 tablespoons coconut milk

3 tablespoons crushed pineapple

Place all three ingredients into a blender with two cups of crushed ice. Blend at high speed for a short time (if you have the frappe option on your blender, use it)

. Strain into a tall glass and serve with a straw.

These are delicious takes on classic summer cocktails and perfect for a night in with the girls. Experiment with them, if you wish. Try different flavors with the daiquiri or the margarita. Give the martini options a try as well. Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy your time with friends most of all.


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