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The Best Food to Eat for Each Body Part ...

By Lydia

Eating a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise is important to me, but there’s also value in knowing the benefits of what I am eating, and how it affects my body. There are some great simple whole foods that I include in my diet that provide my specific body parts with what they need, to ensure that I stay fit and healthy. Here is the best food for each body part.

1 Skin

Carrots are packed with Vitamin A, which is an incredible anti-oxidant for our skin. They also have the ability to balance the pH of our skin, repelling bacteria and are a huge help in the fight against skin cancer.

2 Hair

It is no secret that our hair, like our skin is made up predominantly of protein, and if you are not getting enough of it in your diet, it will be the first thing that shows. Choose foods that are packed with protein and more importantly iron, like fish, eggs, lean meat, chicken, lentils and tofu.

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3 Eyes

Lutein is a powerful carotenoid that is packed with natural eyesight protectors, helping the eyes to filter harmful blue light and protect the retina from damage. Lutein is found in leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and sprouts. Aim for at least 2 servings a day.

4 Heart

Apples are really nature’s little helpers. Packed with potent anti-oxidants, apples, with their skin on, contain a powerful fibre that literally scrubs the walls of the arteries that pump blood to and from your heart. So, it is really true that an apple a day keeps the cardiologist away.

5 Bones

We don’t seem to give our bones much thought until they start giving us problems or one of them breaks. And being as they are providing the frame that is our body, we really should be paying them a bit more attention. Double up on the milk, dairy and calcium for healthy bones.

6 Stomach

Keep the balance of healthy bacteria in check by including lots of dairy packed with probiotics, and keep your digestive system happy by eating lots of fibre rich foods like organic veggies.

7 General Health

Everyone needs a diet rich in Omega oils for their skin and healthy joints. These can be found in oily fish like salmon.

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