The 10 Best High Protein Foods for a Healthy Diet ...


The 10 Best High Protein Foods for a Healthy Diet ...
The 10 Best High Protein Foods for a Healthy Diet ...

At this stage in the health and fitness game, I think it’s safe to assume that we all know we should be eating lean, high protein foods in order to maintain a healthy diet. However, knowing that and doing that are two very different things! Some people are still oblivious about what they are actually putting in to their bodies, even though they know that they might not be being as healthy as they would like. You can start rectifying that right now by learning about the ten best high protein foods for a healthy diet!

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dish, cuisine, food, meal, vegetarian food, On average, one large egg contains 6 grams of protein, which makes it a perfect choice for breakfast to start your day off right with lots of extra nutrients packed in as well.



dish, smoked salmon, salmon, food, roasting, Fish of any kind of a great source of protein that provides a different flavour profile and option to meat. Salmon, for example, contains a whopping 22 grams in just a three-ounce portion. Definitely something to add to your shopping list!



dish, cuisine, food, meal, vegetarian food, You’ve probably heard of quinoa but might not have tried it. It’s a superfood kind of grain that can actually rival some meats for its protein content. It is also packed with essential amino acids and is versatile enough to be added to anything from soups to salads.



dish, food, curry, vegetarian food, indian cuisine, Chickpeas are the perfect food, low in fat and high in protein! They have a similar protein count to eggs, and can be added to things like salads, curries, and stews for great taste and texture.


Cottage Cheese

dish, salad, vegetarian food, cuisine, food, A 100 gram serving of cottage cheese can give you a whopping 11 grams worth of protein, and it is another food that is incredibly versatile. It’s just as tasty on a cracker as it is topping a baked potato.



dish, vegetable, food, vegetarian food, salad, The brilliant thing about beans is the wide variety there are to choose from, and they are all high in protein! You can go completely meat free by making a bean stew or casserole that has just as much bite and flavour.



dish, vegetarian food, food, curry, leaf vegetable, It is really worth getting into more soy based products for health and protein reasons. Things like tofu can be great meat substitutes, whilst yoghurt is high in protein and also good for your gut.



cookie, cookies and crackers, chocolate chip cookie, snack, peanut butter cookie, A nice glass of milk is an excellent source of protein and can encourage muscle growth. The fresher, the better!


Nut Butter

nut butter, baked goods, beer bread, pumpkin bread, dish, There are a wide variety of nut butters out there for you to sample, and just like beans, they are all high in protein. Test different ones out until you find a firm favourite!



pumpkin bread, parkin, lekach, baked goods, baking, Buckwheat is not only high in protein, but it is also naturally gluten free, making it the obvious best choice for a protein boost for those who happen to be gluten intolerant!

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