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The Perfect Spring Dish for Your First BBQ of the Year Crockpot Hotdogs for a Crowd ...

By Leiann

Are you in need of something cheap to serve for a large number of people? You can whip up 60 hot dogs fast in a crockpot!

We come out of our winter hibernation around this time of year. Why not celebrate spring with hot dogs? Make up a hot dog bar with various toppings for a cheap, delicious (and I guess I should mention low carb) meal! Even the "picky eater" is going to be satisfied!

All ingredients may be found at the dollar store! All you need to do is throw the hot dogs in, allow people to serve themselves and you get to socialize. There is no cleaning up to do! Have bottled water, cans of cola or even some pitchers of homemade iced tea with styrofoam cups.

I hope you like the video!

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