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These 17 Drinks Won't Give You a Horrible Hangover ...

By Lyndsie

Hangovers suck. If you've ever had one, you know that. If you've had many of them, you've probably sworn that you'll never drink again, every single time. You don't have to become a total teetotaler, though. Exercise moderation, make sure you drink water as you drink, don't drink to get drunk, and try a few of these incredible concoctions the next time you're having drinks. Don't pound them back all night or anything, but if you're out to get tipsy and don't want to feel like death warmed over the next morning, these drinks should help!

1 Vodka and Soda

This one's so simple you don't even need a recipe. Vodka doesn't usually result in monstrous hangovers, especially if you mix it with water – even soda water – or another mixer. Just remember – more mixer, less vodka!

2 Brewed Tea with a Shot of Liquor

When you feel chilly, have a cold, or simply want a soothing drink, this will give you a warming buzz without getting you drunk … or hungover.

3 Light Rum, Coconut Water, and Pineapple Juice

Mix this however you like, as long as you only use a little rum. The combination of coconut water and pineapple juice works wonders when it comes to preventing a hangover.

4 Vodka, Decaf Coffee, and a Splash of Milk

Milk, coffee creamer, soy milk, almond milk – you get the idea. What a little extra buzz? Don't use decaf coffee!

5 White Wine

White wine is generally pretty gentle. If you down several bottles, yeah, you'll still end up with a hangover, but if you go easy, you might wake up without a headache.

6 Sea Breeze

How to make it:

Sea Breezes are so good! Be careful you don't drink too many, but if you have a few drinks on Friday night, you should be fine.

7 Bacardi on the Rocks with a Dash of Ginger Beer

This is like a boozy, bitter ginger ale, and it's kind of … kind of amazing, actually.

8 Tom Collins

How to make it:

Has anyone ever actually gotten blitzed from drinking a Tom Collins?

9 Gin and Vermouth

Classic combo! Moderate your intake and you'll feel like a million bucks the next morning.

10 Light Beer

I mean, if you like light beer, go for it. Your head will thank you. Maybe your waistline, too, I don't know.

11 Rum Sour

How to make it:

I know, right? Rum! But truly, if you make this your next go-to drink, you'll suffer through fewer hangovers.

12 Tequila over Ice with Lime Juice

Seriously, though. Go easy on the tequila.

13 Bloody Mary

How to make it:

This is practically healthy. I mean, it has tomato juice and vegetables!

14 Lemon Drop Martini

How to make it:

Be careful! It's so easy to sit there and drink these hand over fist.


How to make it:

Lime juice, gin, and soda water. That sounds like the perfect drink for me!


How to make it:

This drink does have a bit of sugar in it, but if you cut it down, it shouldn't give you a bad hangover.

17 Honey Cider

How to make it:

This one has Wild Honey vodka, apple juice and a bit of cider. The perfect combination!

How 'bout you? Is there a special drink you go for when you want to avoid a hangover?

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