Mother's Day Cakes πŸŽ‚ to Put a Smile 😁 on Mom's Face ...


Are you on cake duty for Mother's Day this year? I bet you want to do something really awesome to show your mom just how much you love her. The cakes on this list will give you all sorts of inspiration for making a cake that will make the day memorable. Click the links if you want more info on how to get them just right. Enjoy!

1. Cupcake Rose Cake

Cupcake Rose Cake

Source: Bake a Cupcake Bouquet

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2. Tiny Layered Cakes

Tiny Layered Cakes

Source: Purple Ombre Mini Cakes

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3. Spell It out

Spell It out

Source: Mother's Day Cake Decorating Ideas

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4. Little Pot of Flowers

Little Pot of Flowers

Source: Mother's Day Cake

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5. Covered with Flowers

Covered with Flowers

Source: Chocolate Floral Wrapped Cake

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6. Ombre Pink Flowers

Ombre Pink Flowers

Source: 8 Valentine Cake Ideas

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7. Flowers and Pearls

Flowers and Pearls


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8. Rolled Roses on Top

Rolled Roses on Top

Source: Ring-O-Roses

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9. Typography Cake Toppers

Typography Cake Toppers

Source: DIY // Typography Cake Toppers

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10. Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

Source: Lea Layton

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11. Basket Full of Flowers

Basket Full of Flowers

Source: Mother's Day Cake

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12. Mini Strawberry Cakes

Mini Strawberry Cakes

Source: bridal shower desserts

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13. Top It with a Big Flower

Top It with a Big Flower

Source: Mother's day cake

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14. Colorful Macarons Cake

Colorful Macarons Cake

Source: Laduree macaroons cakes

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15. Coconut Eton Mess Cake

Coconut Eton Mess Cake

Source: Coconut Eton Mess Cake with

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16. Pretty Little Birdcage

Pretty Little Birdcage

Source: Cake Wrecks - Home

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17. Go with a Gardening Theme

Go with a Gardening Theme

Source: Les Fleurs

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18. Rustic Buttercream Cake

Rustic Buttercream Cake

Source: My Sweet & Saucy My

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19. Perfect Spring Colors

Perfect Spring Colors

Source: Rose Garland Cake

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20. Frangipani Mothers' Day Cake

Frangipani Mothers' Day Cake

Source: Frangipani Mothers' Day cake

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21. Topped with a Bow

Topped with a Bow

Source: Stunning Wedding Cakes We Can't

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22. Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Source: Mother's Day

Which one would your mom love?

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