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White rice lacks a lot of flavor and needs condiments and sauces to jazz it up; however, just because white rice is boring, it doesn’t mean that all types of rice are flavorless. There are more than 40,000 varieties of rice throughout the world, and, while you can only buy a handful of these varieties at the grocery store, many of them are full of flavor. Depending on the variety of rice you choose, you could have a variety that is sweet, nutty, chewy, or fluffy. Each of the following types of rice is very different, and if you try a few of them, you just might find a new favorite type of rice.

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Red Rice

Red Rice Red rice is a whole grain rice that has a red husk. There are several different types of rice that are red, including Bhutanese red rice. Bhutanese red rice has a nutty flavor that is very delicious. When it is cooked it turns a pinkish color that is quite unexpected.


Wehani Rice

Wehani Rice Wehani rice is a variety of rice that was developed by the rice company, Lundberg Family Farms. It is a hybrid rice that is derived from basmati rice. Since it is derived from basmati rice, Wehani rice has a distinctive nutty flavor. It also has a chewy texture, and the grains remain separate when they cook.


Purple Thai Rice

Purple Thai Rice Purple Thai rice is a sweet rice that is traditionally used in desert dishes. When it cooks it has a deep indigo color that is beautiful. Because it is sweet, purple Thai rice is a perfect rice to use for rice pudding. Can you imagine how stunning a purple rice pudding would look?


Forbidden Rice

Forbidden Rice Forbidden rice received its name because it was once only eaten by the Emperors of China. Now, everyone can enjoy this rice that has a similar indigo color to purple Thai rice, but it has a very different flavor. It has smoky, nutty flavor that is very distinctive.


Brown Jasmine Rice

Brown Jasmine Rice There are many different varieties of jasmine rice, and they are all known as aromatic rice because of their wonderful scent. Brown jasmine rice is especially delicious. It has a wonderful flavor that is nutty, but slightly sweet. When you cook brown jasmine rice, your kitchen will smell wonderful!


Madagascar Pink Rice

Madagascar Pink Rice Madagascar pink rice can be a hard variety of rice to find, but if you are able to get it, you should certainly try it. It has a subtle sweet flavor, and it is very aromatic. In fact, some people say the scent is similar to pumpkin pie spice! Who wouldn’t want to try rice like that? Personally, I would love to try this rice in a rice pudding.


Wild Rice

Wild Rice Wild rice is technically a grass seed, but it cooks just like rice and has a similar appearance. It has a very strong flavor that is grassy and nutty. Typically, wild rice is served in rice pilaf mixed with basmati rice. However, it is wonderful rice on its own because it doesn’t require any additional seasonings since it is so flavorful.

Rice is staple grain in many countries. It is very healthy, and it is very versatile. However, white rice can get a little boring, which is why you may want to try using one of these varieties of rice instead of white rice. What is your favorite variety or rice?

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I'd stick to basmati rice for everyday, but I'd like to try jasmine ride once!


Cauliflower rice 😍

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