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Would you be willing to try some weird chocolate treats? Besides the typical chocolate covered foods, like strawberries or marshmallows, I discovered a few others that may not sound super appetizing. There are certainly a few I’d be willing to try, but these desserts are definitely not for the picky eater! Let me know which (if any) of these weird chocolate treats you’d be willing to bite into, ladies!

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Bacon This is one of those weird chocolate treats that I’d definitely try. Perhaps it’s the mixture of sweet and salty that makes this sound delicious, or perhaps it’s the fact that I love bacon and chocolate equally as much. Whatever the case, I’d be willing to take a bite into this crunch treat! A candy store in my area sells this dessert and it’s actually quite popular!



Pickles Pickles are good on burgers, but are the really meant to be dipped in chocolate? The crunchy goodness of the pickle and the smooth consistency of the chocolate should be a delicious combination, right? Plus, similar to bacon, pickles are salty. Sweet and salty; how could you go wrong?



Jalapenos I love jalapenos, especially jalapeno poppers. I can totally imagine them dipped in gooey melted chocolate. Take a bite out of this tasty treat and enjoy the fiery flavor of the jalapeno mixed with the sugary flavor of the chocolate and you’ll be in for a delicious dessert.



Onions Who would have imagined an onion enrobed in chocolate? I surely wouldn’t have. I mean, I like onions in my salad and on my burger, but as a part in my dessert? Perhaps it doesn’t sound so odd when you take into consideration apples being covered in chocolate. An onion is similar in texture, but definitely not as sweet. It might not taste as bad as we may think!


Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky Are you a big fan of beef jerky? The smoky flavor goes perfectly with chocolate. Grab yourself a piece, dip it in some melted chocolate and gnaw away! Yum!


Corn Dogs

Corn Dogs This popular carnival food gets an upgrade! I'm not sure if I'd sink my teeth into this food just yet though. I'm not a big fan of corn dogs, but perhaps if someone offered me a bite, I'd try it. Just once. (Unless I like it, of course!)


Wasabi Peas

Wasabi Peas Personally, I love wasabi peas and I’d be willing to take a bite into a chocolate covered one! This combination of sweet and spicy isn’t out of the norm. Spices have been infused into chocolate for awhile! Since the chocolate contains dairy, it tones down the spiciness of the wasabi pea. The flavors complement each other perfectly!



Garlic I'm Italian, so garlic is a must-have in the kitchen! Whether it be a main ingredient in meat sauce or the star component in garlic bread, I can't get enough of the stuff! But hearing about it being doused in chocolate is definitely new to me! I normally wouldn't eat garlic raw but it doesn't hurt to give it a try, right? The worse thing that could happen is that you don't like it!

I’m a pretty adventurous eater, so I’d definitely try anything once as long as it isn’t alive and still moving! Have you tried (or will you try) any of these unique sweet treats? If so, which ones? Let me know what you think!

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So gross

Ones I had.

I've had the chocolate covered bacon , if your a bacon fan you have to try it ! The wasabi I've had In A trail mix it wasn't bad either The weirdest for me would be the corn dog

Think I will stick with Raisenettes!!

I'd love to try those corndogs

I've had the chocolate covered bacon before, it's actually pretty good. I like pickles, so I might give the chocolate covered pickles a try.

I have tried chocolate covered wasabi peas and it was ok. I was hoping for more of a kick from the

@ItzyBitzy huh? Chocolate covered crickets?

Does these treats taste good? I don't feel like eating jalapeno covered in chocolate

I had beef jerky covered with Nutella. It's so good!

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