The Secrets to Making Comfort Foods Healthy ...


Comfort food is meant to be as it says โ€“ comforting. Trouble is, itโ€™s not so comforting when youโ€™ve finished eating it and you start to worry about the calories, fats and general unhealthiness youโ€™ve just consumed. But does comfort food have to be sinful? What if with a few tweaks and ingredient substitutions you could make comfort foods healthy? Interested? Then read on my friend, read on โ€ฆ

1. Pizza


An undisputed fast food favorite all over the world, pizza is delicious but can so often be covered in excess and unnecessary fat and grease when ordered from well-known takeout outlets. A great way to make pizza a more healthy option is to use whole wheat for the crust and replace some of the more traditional toppings with your favorite vegetables. Add some low fat cheese to the mix and you have a surprisingly healthy comfort food.

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