28 Yummy Side Dishes for Any Meal ...


Side dishes can make or break a meal, so coming up with the perfect one is a job each time you cook. With the holidays rolling up on us pretty quickly, you might be starting to plan your menu and decide which yummy new side dishes you want to try this year. Get a load of these mouthwatering examples! The only problem will be choosing which one you want to have first. Ever had a meal that is all side dishes? You should totally give it a try with some of these.

1. Spinach with Melted Cheese

Spinach with Melted Cheese

Via Makeover Spinach Gratin | Skinnytaste

Spinach isn't everyone's favorite, but cover it with a handful of melted cheese and it becomes one of those side dishes people want all the time.

Fully Loaded Potato Bake
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