7 Alternatives to Chocolate for when You Have a Hard-to-Ignore Craving ...


7 Alternatives to Chocolate for when You Have a Hard-to-Ignore Craving ...
7 Alternatives to Chocolate for when You Have a Hard-to-Ignore Craving ...

Whether you are a chocoholic, or a part-time lover, try these alternatives to chocolate for when you have a hard-to-ignore craving! I know chocolate is hard to resist, but don’t give in! Channel your cravings by eating alternatives to chocolate. They are good for your body, and will satisfy your cravings without the extra calories. Stay healthy and try these alternatives to chocolate. You’ll thank yourself later!

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Nuts Nuts are great alternatives to chocolate as they contain both the magnesium and nitrogen found in chocolate. Sometimes your body craves foods with nutrients that it lacks. Therefore, when you crave something, your body is not only craving the food itself, but the nutrients within the food. Next time you crave chocolate, or other carbohydrates, make sure to eat healthy foods that contain magnesium and nitrogen, such as nuts and other high protein foods, to satisfy that craving in a healthy way.


Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk

Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk Most chocolates are made with milk, which has calcium. Therefore, when you crave chocolate, your body may be lacking in calcium. To satisfy this calcium craving with an additional chocolate taste, you should try Silk’s Light Chocolate Soy Milk. It tastes really good, and does the trick for only 90 calories per serving and 0 grams of saturated fat, while a Hershey’s chocolate bar contains 210 calories per serving and 8 grams of saturated fat! Drop the extra calories and fat, and satisfy your craving with this excellent chocolate alternative!


Chocolate Almond Bar from Kashi

Chocolate Almond Bar from Kashi This healthy snack bar from Kashi is great for your body, and has the chocolate taste that you crave. High in fiber and protein, this snack will not only satisfy your craving, but will keep your stomach satisfied and full for longer.


VIACTIV Dietary Supplement

VIACTIV Dietary Supplement If you’re like me, and you rarely drink milk, or if you want strong bones, you might want to try a VIACTIV chew. It is a dietary supplement containing calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K. I eat up to two of them each day to keep my bones nice and strong. The best part is, they taste like chocolate! So when you get that chocolate craving, take a Viactiv chew. Just remember to read the back of the container for exact usage.


Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea An excellent way to get rid of that chocolate craving is to drink chocolate tea. Yes, it exists! Tea is great for your body, and the chocolate flavor is quite delicious! The store Teavana makes really good ones like Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea and Chocolate Bananas Foster Herbal Tea. Check out the large variety of chocolate teas to see which one truly hits the spot for you.


Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder Many people think that chocolate is bad because it has sugar and saturated fat. This is false. Many chocolate bars are bad because they are highly processed and contain lots of sugar and saturated fat, but not the chocolate itself! Natural and unsweetened cocoa powder is a derivative of cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are actually quite healthy, and are a good source of fiber and iron. My advice is to substitute chocolate for natural cocoa powder in certain recipes. However, cocoa powder can be a bit bitter. If you want a bit more of a sweet taste, try adding natural sweeteners like Truvia that are better for your body.


Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate In moderation, natural dark chocolate is actually good for you. It has a less calories and sugar than milk chocolate. According to an article on HuffingtonPost.com, dark chocolate has health benefits such as it promotes hair growth, repairs dry skin, erases wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, my.clevelandclinic.org says that it has antioxidants and may help protect the heart!

I know it’s tough to fight cravings, especially chocolate, which is why I left you with some great alternatives! Do you have a different hard to ignore craving? What is it, and how do you get rid of it? Do you have your own alternatives?

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The teas from Teavana are expensive. But good ideas though.

That picture isn't helping!

Try carob! It's the substitute of chocolate too

Almost all of these are actually chocolate...

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