7 Awesome Cooking Shows That Will Help You Improve Your Cooking Skills ...


I am a longtime fan and I have found that there are some pretty awesome cooking shows to watch. I realize cooking shows might not be as exciting as the newest episode of the Bachelor or Grey’s Anatomy, but they are great to watch if you want something low key that will also teach you some helpful kitchen skills. I started watching cooking shows in college as a way to zone out when I was really stressed. There was something very relaxing about watching someone else prepare a meal. However, once I started watching them, I was hooked on some awesome cooking shows. Not only was I more relaxed watching them, but I learned some tips that have helped me become a better cook. If you do decide to watch these shows, you might also be surprised how entertaining some of these chefs can be.

1. Barefoot Contessa

Barefoot Contessa

Ina Garten is the host of the Barefoot Contessa. She has a very gentle voice and calm demeanor that makes everything she prepares seem very easy. Ina has a long history in the food industry, which is evident through the authority she has in the kitchen. Prior to landing on television, Ina bought a specialty food store called the Barefoot Contessa, which she ran for many years. I am so glad she decided to move to television and write cookbooks, because her recipes are easy to follow and she gives great tips. For instance, I learned that putting breadcrumbs in a soufflé dish help the soufflé rise. If you do decide to add this to your list of awesome cooking shows to watch, you can look forward to the occasional “Ask Ina” segment where Ina answers viewers’ questions.

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