Cash-strapped Girls Rejoice for This Easter Dinner for 6 for under 30 ...

By Leiann

Cash-strapped Girls Rejoice for This Easter Dinner for 6 for under 30 ...

I am all about saving money. How about you? With this video, learn how you may prepare an Easter dinner for 6 under $30.00!

Are you the type of gal who just has no time for clipping coupons? Do you just not want to be bothered? You might want to change your mind...

How to go about?

Do you not get the Sunday newspaper? Ask others, if the people do not mind, if you could have the unwanted coupons they do not use. I have another example... My local library has a coupon box. People can donate the coupons to the box or take the coupons from the box. Also, I have "coupon fairies". People that would just throw away the coupons if not for myself. My next project, although I do not know yet how to go about asking, is going to be to place a coupon box at my church.

Your Sunday Easter dinner, I feel, should have the main feature being the most expensive. Then, make the side dishes from ingredients bought with coupons, clearance, and at the dollar store. Many women are pros at stacking coupons on a sale or clearance item, making the purchase even sweeter.

Do you honestly need a centerpiece? Call me unclassy, but I would rather see people at the table.

I like to practice what I preach. I often have difficulty finding coupons that I need, but then there are times I do find what I like.

Yes, clipping is like a part-time job in a way. But, aren't those dinners going to be worth it? I am not just talking about Easter. What about at every Sunday dinner?

Happy Easter.

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