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If you’re into smoothies, home cooking, or health food like me, then chances are you’re already familiar with all the wonderful things to make in a Vitamix blender. A Vitamix machine is NOT just a blender, though it is most known for its ability to transform a variety of foods into one amazing smoothie. I personally do love my Vitamix for making whole food smoothies most of all, but use it for much more than that. Honestly, I don’t believe there’s much this powerful machine can’t do! A Vitamix is known for its ability to make almost anything you can think of in the kitchen. It is extremely expensive, ranging from $300 and up, but I assure you, it is totally worth the money and it pays for itself over time. The Vitamix comes with a 7-10 year warranty plan and a lifetime guarantee as well. The company is by far one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with on a personal level and they are always so helpful. If you’re unsure of whether a Vitamix is worth owning, or you own one, but aren’t aware of everything it can do, then let me share with you my favorite things to make in a Vitamix blender. These delicious foods make it well worth the money and can save you money by allowing you to make your own foods at home, instead of buying some of these at the store for a much higher price.

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Nut Butters

One of the most popular things to make in a Vitamix blender among the machine's users is nut butters! Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, coconut butter, walnut butter, tahini, sunbutter, homemade Nutella, pecan butter, or a combination of ANY of those nut butters can be made at home in your Vitamix! I am such a fan of making expensive foods like nut butters at home, and you can make your own for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for one of those pricey jars at the store! All you have to do is soak the nuts in some water to soften overnight, drain them, add them to the machine and blend! It takes about 2-3 minutes versus 10-15 minutes in a food processor, and you can even add in your own flavorings such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, honey, cocoa, or whatever else you can think of!


Nut Milk

If you love almond milk but want something more natural or less processed, try making your own almond milk at home with your Vitamix! Homemade nut milks are one of the most popular beverages made in Vitamix blenders. All you have to do is soak some nuts overnight in some water, then drain them, add them to the machine and add 3 times the amount of water to nuts used, and blend. Drain them with a special nut milk bag or cheese cloth and you have almond milk! Pure, raw, and fresh almond milk that you can flavor however you like, whether with sweeteners, spices or even flavorings such as vanilla.



I love making soup in my Vitamix! You can toss in any ingredients you want, turn on the machine and you have a wonderful soup in no time. Then, just heat it on the stove and you’re good to go! You could technically do this with any blender, but I find the Vitamix breaks down the ingredients better and incorporates them much easier.It also handles hot liquids well and you can even avoid the stove if you use hot liquids in the machine with the other ingredients. Or, you can use hot ingredients such as cooked potatoes and other veggies, cooked meats, broths, and more. Plus, if I want to make a thicker soup, the machine does a better job at pureeing the mixture versus just blending it up like other blenders.



One simple, yet helpful, thing to make in the Vitamix is homemade flours. You can literally make homemade flour from any dry ingredient that can be turned into flour form. Some of my favorites include oat flour made from whole oats, almond flour made from almonds, coconut flour made from dried coconut and pumpkin seed flour made from pumpkin seeds. I’ve even made quinoa flour from quinoa as well. The possibilities are almost endless, but will transform your baking options into a world of possibilities with the ultimate fresh flavor.


Raw Juice

I love to juice, but I sold my juicer a few years ago. Thankfully, I don’t even need it with the Vitamix! The Vitamix is wonderful for making raw juices. I add whatever ingredients I want to the machine, add about 1 cup of water and blend. Then, I just strain the ingredients and liquid through a straining bag, which is also known as a nut milk bag, or you can use a cheesecloth. In minutes you have fresh, raw juice! The Vitamix is better for making raw juices than a typical blender because it extracts nutrients better and blends them into a finer liquid better than standard blenders. It also does it in less time, so the machine doesn't end up overheating itself like other blenders can do. My favorite is carrot, lemon, celery and romaine, which is so easy to make. You can even make a huge batch and refrigerate the extras, or even freeze them in storage jars.


Homemade Dips

Perhaps you’re having a party or you’re just having a mad salsa craving. No problem when you’ve got a Vitamix! I love making raw salsa at home in my Vitamix, or just making some from canned tomatoes and a few fresh ingredients. I also enjoy making homemade hummus, fresh guacamole, ranch dip and even salad dressings in the machine. I find it does a better job incorporating the ingredients than a food processor does and the blades don’t overheat the ingredients like a food processor’s can, which preserves the nutrients better.



If you’re a baker, then you’ll love using the Vitamix to make a variety of homemade batters. I especially love making homemade pancake and waffle batter, along with muffin batter, in the machine. It does a wonderful job of mixing the ingredients together in seconds and the tamper tool that comes with the machine acts as a plunger, which allows you to process hard ingredients like fresh walnuts or chopped chocolate, much easier than a food processor does.

Making food is so simple with the Vitamix blender. If you can afford it, I would advise anyone to make this worthwhile, lifetime investment. The company even has a payment plan that involves no interest fees whatsoever. You’ll never be sorry you buy one of these machines, unlike other kitchen contraptions out there that can break with time, or just take up wasted space on your precious kitchen counter. If you own a Vitamix, what is your favorite thing to make in yours? If not, then what is the one thing you would most like to make in a Vitamix blender?

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Is a Vitamix comparable to a Magic Bullet?

Vitamix blenders may be expensive, but they are well worth the money. I use mine every single day! Soups, your own peanut butter, smoothies, they are all options! You put two cups of raspberries and blackberries in it and guess what? You do not get any seeds. This blender is truly a miracle!

Just got a vitamix as a gift from my boyfriend! Best gift ever!

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