9 Delicious and Nutritious Homemade Juice Recipes for the Health Conscious ...


9 Delicious and Nutritious Homemade Juice Recipes for the Health Conscious  ...
9 Delicious and Nutritious Homemade Juice Recipes for the Health Conscious  ...

When I first got my juicer, I was dying to try recipes that would boost my energy, maybe help me lose weight, but instead, I ended up making sugary drinks that just tasted good. then I found a trove of tasty drink recipes, and they're all as health-conscious as they are delicious... here are a few of my favorites!

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Green Cucumber and Pear Juice

Green juices are my fave, and this one's at the very top of my list. It's got this sweet tangy-ness to it, and it's really easy to make. It's ideal for winter (loaded with vitamin C!) but I drink it all year long. TBH.


Apple, Fennel and Kale Green Juice

I confess fennel's not my fave, but the green apple sort of cancels out that fennel flavor. So, so good!


Green Juice

This is yet another gorgeous green juice recipe, perfect for drinking in the morning at the start of your day for a little boost. It takes some time to prep, but it's worth it!


Lemon-Cucumber Apple Juice

In case you hadn't noticed, I adore Shira and her tasty, healthy juice recipes. This one's great if you're in a rush but still want the benefits of an entire day's worth of vitamins A, C, and K.


Detoxifying Beet, Apple and Mint Juice

This juice recipe came out in time to enjoy it the morning after Thanksgiving indulgences left us feeling bloated. I drink it whenever I feel like I need a little detox or "reset" -- so good!


Cleansing Pineapple-Spinach Juice

The hardest part of prepping this juice is of course dealing with that pineapple, so feel free to take a shortcut and buy one pre-cut. The rest is easy -- just three ingredients -- so this is great for a mid-morning pick-me-up.


Double-Cinnamon Almond Frappe

This isn't technically a juice, but I thought I'd include it since it's such a good alternative to the calorie-laden frappes (and even smoothies) we're all used to. Yum!


Coconut Water-Strawberry Smoothie

Speaking of smoothies, this one's... not really a smoothie. It's truly more of a juice, loaded with electrolytes so ideal for after (or during) a hard workout. The hardest part is the coconut bit... I mean, how does she make it look so easy? This is one you'll want to prep BEFORE your workout.


Melon, Mint and Cucumber Smoothie

And finally, a recipe for an actual smoothie, because why not? I swear this one tastes like summer, no matter when you drink it. So, so good, all light, refreshing, and crisp. I can't think of a better smoothie for summer, or in mid-February, when summer feels a thousand years away.

Which of these delicious, nutritious juices will you try first? Or do you have another must-try juice recipe to share?

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