15 Red White and Blue Cocktails for the 4th of July ...

By RedGoldPink

15 Red White and Blue Cocktails  for the 4th of July ...

Part of the fun of the 4th of July is having the day off and lounging in the backyard with a cocktail. If you want something that isn't the same old mug of beer of frozen margarita, you're going to love these red, white and blue cocktails that will have you feeling patriotic with every sip. When it comes to 4th of July cocktails, anything on this list is sure to please, whether you're sharing or keeping them all to yourself. Bottoms up!

Table of contents:

  1. red, white and blue sangria
  2. suddenly summer
  3. all american colada
  4. blue vodka lemonade slush
  5. all american jar
  6. hpnotiq cocktail
  7. patriotic frozen sangria
  8. red, white and blue mojito
  9. red, white, and blue italian ice champagne floats
  10. boozy snow cones
  11. sugar cookie pudding shots
  12. land of the free lemonade
  13. patriotic panna cotta shooters
  14. red, white and blue(berry) margaritas
  15. blueberry coconut sparkler

1 Red, White and Blue Sangria

drink, dessert, sundae, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail, Source: cosmopolitan.com

2 Suddenly Summer

drink, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail garnish, cocktail, punch, Source: cosmopolitan.com

3 All American Colada

drink, non alcoholic beverage, blue hawaii, cocktail, cocktail garnish, Source: crateandbarrel.com

4 Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush

drink, cup, non alcoholic beverage, flavor, dairy product, Source: homemadehooplah.com

5 All American Jar

mason jar, drink, drinkware, tableware, non alcoholic beverage, Source: chilledmagazine.com

6 Hpnotiq Cocktail

drink, non alcoholic beverage, panna cotta, cocktail, frozen dessert, Source: girllikestoeat.com

7 Patriotic Frozen Sangria

dessert, frozen dessert, panna cotta, drink, flavor, Source: thefitchen.com

8 Red, White and Blue Mojito

drink, dessert, non alcoholic beverage, juice, frozen dessert, Source: mantitlement.com

9 Red, White, and Blue Italian Ice Champagne Floats

drink, blue hawaii, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail, blue lagoon, Source: thekitchenismyplayground.com

10 Boozy Snow Cones

snow cone, blue hawaii, drink, non alcoholic beverage, slush, Source: clintonkelly.com

11 Sugar Cookie Pudding Shots

dessert, whipped cream, frozen dessert, cream, sundae, Source: jelly-shot-test-kitchen.blogspot.com

12 Land of the Free Lemonade

drink, non alcoholic beverage, fruit, cocktail garnish, cocktail, Source: homeiswheretheboatis.net

13 Patriotic Panna Cotta Shooters

panna cotta, dessert, caviar, gelatin dessert, Source: sprinklebakes.com

14 Red, White and Blue(berry) Margaritas

dessert, panna cotta, flavor, frozen dessert, Source: gimmesomeoven.com

15 Blueberry Coconut Sparkler

drink, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail garnish, frozen dessert, berry, Source: spicedblog.com

Which one are you planning to enjoy this 4th of July?

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