7 Delicious Cupcake Flavors to Indulge in ...

There are so many delicious cupcake flavors out in the world, that I'm here to help you choose which ones to indulge in! Ah, yes the original flavors from vanilla to chocolate have now been pushed aside for the emulsifying flavors that enhance our original vanilla and chocolate! Don't catch my drift? Well, read on about these delicious cupcake flavors that will surely satisfy all those taste buds!


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This delicious cupcake flavor gives you the best of both salty and sweet! This succulent caramel, with a hint of sea salt and delicious moist vanilla (or chocolate) cupcake with caramel inside makes your taste buds dance! I love caramel, and I'm a big fan of sea salt - I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, but definitely I turned a huge 180 after trying one of these bad boys! DELICIOUS!


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Who doesn't want a tropical twist to an old original favorite?! I sure do! I tried this flavor at "Sprinkles" cupcakes! And they're heavenly! A light, fluffy, chocolate cupcake, with a delicious, sweet, yet tropical coconut frosting - with real coconut flakes! Those are my favorite, they balance each other perfectly!


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Wait, what?! Yes, my friend introduced these to me and you can actually use any Jello flavor you'd like! It's white cake mix, Cool Whip, and any flavor Jello! Follow the instructions to the cake mix, as soon as it's done cooling, poke holes onto the top of the cake and pour half of the Jello mix into the cool cupcake! It leaves a cool half white cake/strawberry cake. Then mix the rest of the Jello into the cool Whip for frosting! These are perfect for the summer, they're light and delicious!


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For all my caffeine enthusiasts this cupcake is screaming your name! I've tried both a coffee flavored and mocha - they're both delicious! A bit strong on the mocha side, but, still nonetheless delicious! It's perfect with milk! And, the frosting is beyond decadent! It's smooth, sweet, with a kick of coffee or mocha! This gem will surely wake you up!


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Yes, this sweet, tart, tangy flavor will surely leave a clean, crisp, feeling on your taste buds! I've tried this cupcake flavored with either vanilla and coconut! They're both delicious! The vanilla cupcake with lemon gives more of lemon taste than the coconut with lemon because it gives the best of both worlds and blends together naturally. Coconut and lemon highlight each other nicely! But, both are my favorite!


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This is a staple in my household! Although I'm a fan, but not big of a fan! Does that even make sense?! Anyways, this delicate flavor of chocolate and cream cheese are sure to please! It's simple, yet daring, and its beautiful shade of red definitely makes this delicious treat an eye candy!


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Do you love chocolate and vanilla? Well, this cupcake gives you just that! It's the best of both flavors! At my local cupcake shop, they offer either vanilla with chocolate frosting, chocolate with vanilla frosting or vanilla/chocolate marble with chocolate/vanilla frosting! Intense right?! I know! The marble cupcake is delicious, and the frosting is even better!

Cupcakes have always been my favorite dessert! With all the new flavors coming out, its hard to just pick 7 delicious cupcake flavors to indulge in! Do you have any cupcake flavors you'd like to try or have tried and they're amazing? Have you tried any flavors that just didn't tickle your taste buds?

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