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Think there aren’t any healthy foods you can take to work? With a little planning and creativity, there are tons of healthy and fun options you can take to work that are fast, easy, and nutritious. Check out these seven healthy foods you can take to work.

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Salad Salad is one of the easiest healthy foods you can take to work. It’s light, nutritious, and gives you loads of vitamins and minerals for bright eyes, clear skin, and shiny hair. I know salad might get a little boring from time to time, but try mixing things up by using different greens. Make one salad out of arugula, another out of baby spinach, and a third out of kale to vary up the tastes, textures, and nutrients.



Soup Soup is also a very nutritious and filling lunch to take to work. In the summer time, take advantage of gazpachos and other soups that can be enjoyed chilled. In the winter, make roasted or pureed soups that are warm and comforting. Soups are a great way to load up on nutrient-dense veggies. You can even make homemade soup in batches, then freeze in individual portions that you can take to work.



Sandwich The sandwich is probably the quintessential food item for lunch at the office. Portable and tasty, there are unlimited sandwich combinations you can make that will keep you from getting bored and are still healthy. Try turkey on sprouted grain bread with an organic mustard and some greens. Or try roast beef with peso, red onions, roasted red peppers, and a little feta in a whole wheat wrap for a high-protein variation of a Mediterranean sandwich.


Quinoa/Rice Pilafs

Quinoa/Rice Pilafs Quinoa and rice pilafs are an unconventional, but delicious meal for lunch! Quinoa is a complete protein, packing about 8 grams per cup. Brown rice is also very rich in fiber and magnesium, giving you plenty of energy for the day ahead of you. Try playing around with different veggies, fruits, and herbs for a quinoa or rice pilaf that’s got your name written all over it.


Hummus Platters

Hummus Platters Hummus platters are becoming an increasingly popular option for lunch at work these days. Choose colorful and water-rich veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers that are loaded with antioxidants. Add-ons like hummus, a few slices of deli meat, and a small wedge of cheese are perfect for giving you some protein to keep hunger at bay. This mix of different snack items might sound like an odd lunch, but it’s super filling and helps keep things interesting.


Leftovers from Last Night

Leftovers from Last Night Still dreaming about that meatloaf or roast chicken from last night? There’s nothing stopping you from taking a small portion of it to work the next day. Leftovers from the night before are a great way to make use of food that might otherwise go rotten. As long as you keep the portion small and add something green like a healthy salad, this is a great lunch choice for work.


Other Non-Traditional Lunch Items

Other Non-Traditional Lunch Items Trying to find something to do with that leftover frittata from Sunday’s brunch? Craving a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich? Don’t limit yourself to traditional lunch meals and ideas. There are plenty of fun and new dishes you can make that are healthy and delicious. Whatever you do, try to add a green salad on the side for some added fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

A healthy lunch is essential to a successful day at work. What are some of your favorite foods to bring to work?

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