9 Fabulous Low Carb Baking Substitutions for the Healthy Baker ...


If youโ€™re into eating a lower carb diet, as I am, be sure you check out the amazing low-carb baking substitutions we all have available! The advantages of eating lower carb, yet still healthy foods are many. I overcame a seizure condition by ditching all refined and added sugars, starchy and refined flours, and sugary processed food, but the benefits go beyond there. Lower carb lifestyles, when done the right way and not in extreme, can actually be helpful in regulating metabolism, fueling muscles and protein synthesis, managing your weight and best of all, preventing or treating Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. It can also be a great way to reduce your sugar cravings and lower your blood sugar. The trick is to do it the healthy way and not cut healthy carbs like veggies, gluten-free grains and starches like sweet potatoes. You also donโ€™t have to give up your love for baked goods either! I love low-carb baking and it is a huge passion of mine, so read on to find my secrets about low-carb baking solutions so you can get in on the goodies too!

1. Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour

One of the best, and my personal favorite low-carb baking substitutions is coconut flour. Now, if youโ€™re not a fan of coconut, hear me out here. Coconut flour tastes very different than flaked coconut. In fact, I think it actually tastes more like vanilla pound cake than anything! The best part is, it is completely sugar-free, rich in protein and extremely high in fiber. The high fiber content means three things. First, it fills you up fast, resulting in no overeating. Two, it keeps you regular due to the high fiber content, but wonโ€™t bloat you up like other fibers can. Three, it absorbs more liquid than any other low-carb baking flour, much like gluten does in wheat flour, but it is gluten-free so donโ€™t worry! The unique properties of its high absorbing fibers make it absorb more liquid so you need less flour. You only need about 1/3 the amount of coconut flour that you do of other flours, including other low-carb flours. Per serving, it also has less fat than shredded coconut, with only 1.5 grams per serving and 6 grams of fiber with 3 grams of protein. I love making muffins, pancakes, quickbreads and cakes with it because it results in a very tender, bready crumb, just like cake. To read how to bake with coconut flour, check out Free Coconut Recipes for tips and tricks.

Almond Flour
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