7 Fantastic and Yummy Drinks for Winter Nights ...


7 Fantastic and Yummy Drinks for Winter Nights ...
7 Fantastic and Yummy Drinks for Winter Nights ...

Whether with friends or curled up with a good book, yummy drinks for winter nights are so enjoyable. It’s easy to have a lot of fun coming up with festive drinks around the holidays and well into the new year. There are many drinks to choose from both warm and chilled. Below are seven fantastic drinks for winter nights.

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Apple Cider

Apple Cider This may be one of the most traditional drinks for winter nights. Apple cider is wholesome and tasty. More importantly – it’s warm and makes you feel so cozy when you drink it! Mix in fun spices like allspice and cinnamon to make apple cider your own. For an extra kick, add bourbon for a spiked apple cider that will make your friends feel welcome at every holiday party.


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Hot chocolate is by far my favorite winter drink. In fact, I drink hot chocolate all year long. It’s like coffee to me! Although it doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee, hot chocolate can be a great pick me up on winter nights. Add an Irish crème liquor for a smooth adult hot chocolate. Play with different recipes for white hot chocolate or Mexican hot chocolate. It’s such a yummy and versatile drink – you can’t go wrong!



EggNog With eggnog, I’ve noticed, you either love it or you hate it. I personally love it, and I get so excited when I start seeing it pop up in grocery stores this time of year! If you love it, pour a cool glass and snuggle with a loved one next to the fire on cold winter nights. Spice your eggnog up with nutmeg and/or allspice. To make an adult eggnog, add bourbon to taste.


White Russian

White Russian If you’re familiar with ‘The Big Lebowski’ then you know all about this classic cocktail. The milk – or cream depending on how it’s made – gives it a cozy feel that’s great for winter nights out on the town. It’s a very sweet drink, so if that’s your style give it a whirl next time you’re out on a winter night. If you’d rather not drink dairy all night (some tend to get sick when mixing milky drinks with other libations), opt for a Black Russian instead. It’s the same drink without the milk.



Sangria If you’re in a restaurant that serves Mexican food, grab a glass of sangria on a cold night. The fruit mixture will remind you of warmer days, yet it’s still a wholesome tasty drink when it’s chilly outside. If you’re making it at home, mix in spices for fun. Allspice and cinnamon are good choices. Normally this drink is alcoholic, especially in restaurants, so be aware when you order a tall glass!



Rompope A drink akin to eggnog is rompope. It has the same thickness and consistency as eggnog, but it’s an alcoholic drink from the start. No kids allowed! This drink is strictly for grown ups. Much like eggnog, rompope can be an acquired taste. It’s extremely heavy, so a few glasses will do just fine on a cold winter night.


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea Peppermint! The quintessential winter flavor! Really, mixing peppermint with anything in winter – coffee, tea, hot chocolate, you name it! – makes a drink into a yummy winter drink. Peppermint tea is refreshing and comforting. It’s great for a dinner party or a party of one. Add some peppermint to your tea the next time you sip on a cold winter night.

Now you have a pantry full of ideas for yummy drinks for winter nights. Curl up with one of these options as soon as possible! What do you normally drink when it gets colder outside? Share your sip picks!

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Hot chocolate all winter,if possible!

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