7 Winter Smoothies That Are a Dream to Drink ...


7 Winter Smoothies That Are a Dream to Drink ...
7 Winter Smoothies That Are a Dream to Drink ...

I know when it’s chilly outside, the last thing we usually think about are cold drinks, however I’ve found some pretty delicious and healthy winter smoothies that I think might change your mind. Many of these winter smoothies are full of winter’s finest produce, and they also have warming properties based on their ingredients. Other winter smoothie recipes I found were especially high in Vitamin C, which as you know is a top ingredient to keep in your diet when the cold season hits. Since smoothies are quickly absorbed in the body, they’re a great tool to use in your healthy diet to make sure your body gets enough nutrients efficiently. Soups are great, but when you need something different, try making a few of these winter smoothies instead! I think you’ll see just why I’m so obsessed with them myself when you give them a try.

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Cocoa Coconut Mint Smoothie

Cocoa Coconut Mint Smoothie Let’s start with one of my favorites of the sweeter winter smoothies. This one is a dream come true! It reminds me of those warm mint hot chocolate drinks. It’s especially nice to have as a light breakfast or dessert after a hot meal. I usually keep a cup of tea along side me to drink after this smoothie to warm me up and the combination really hits the spot!

Serves: 1

½ cup cold filtered water
1 small container of unsweetened coconut yogurt or regular yogurt
¼ of an avocado, sliced and pitted
2 tbsp. raw cacao powder
1 full drop of NuNaturals liquid stevia
4 fresh mint leaves
¼ cup shredded coconut or you can use 2 tbsp. coconut butter
5 ice cubes
Optional Garnishes:
cacao nibs
large coconut flakes

Directions: Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender, blend, and serve.

Source: onegreenplanet.org


Skinny Mini Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Skinny Mini Pumpkin Pie Smoothie I just can’t seem to tire of the pumpkin flavors, especially in winter, even after the holidays have passed. Luckily, pumpkin is such a superfood, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy it all year. It’s low in sugar, high in potassium and fiber, and filled with beta carotene to nourish your skin, eyes and hair in the winter months. If you use it everyday, you’ll even get a little glow to your skin too! This smoothie is full of nutrition, high in fiber, and incredibly wonderful for your immune system in the winter due to the antioxidant content. It’s also warming to the body since it has some of the best warming spices in nature included.

Serves: 1

½ cup organic pumpkin puree or fresh pumpkin ( you can also sub butternut squash if you wish)
½ frozen banana, chopped
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
2 full drops of NuNaturals liquid stevia
½ inch of a real vanilla bean
pumpkin pie spice or 1 tsp. cinnamon plus a dash of ginger, nutmeg and cloves
½ cup ice
½ cup organic kefir or yogurt ( you can sub vegan yogurt here if you wish)

Directions: Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender, blend, and serve.

Source: ziplist.com


Cranberry Orange Protein Smoothie

Cranberry Orange Protein Smoothie Featuring some of winter’s finest produce, this cranberry orange smoothie has a wonderful tangy flavor you’ll love. It’s also high in Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants to protect your immunity. It’s also a nice treat that differs from other typical sweet smoothies, if that’s not your thing.

Serves: 1

1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries
1 banana, frozen and chopped first ( or you can use 6 ounces of yogurt instead)
1 whole orange, peeled and seeded
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, or your choice milk
1 scoop your favorite protein powder ( I like Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Raw Vanilla)
5 ice cubes
NuNaturals liquid stevia to sweeten
cinnamon to taste

Directions: Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender, blend, and serve.

Source: lifestyleandkitchen.com


Coconut Creamsicle Smoothie

Coconut Creamsicle Smoothie I’m a nut for coconut, and that’s no joke! This creamsicle smoothie is a delightful way for me to indulge in a favorite childhood-like treat, and the superfood coconut at the same time. It’s actually wonderful for immunity during the winter due to the oranges and coconut oil. Coconut oil is an anti-viral and anti-fungal agent and oranges are wonderful for preventing sickness, depression, and they’re very low calorie. Most people don’t know that oranges are also very high in calcium! Indulge in this Coconut Creamsicle Smoothie. It’s a real treat if you were fond of the Creamsicle pops as a kid!

Serves: 1

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
½ cup coconut milk
1 whole orange, peeled
1 tsp. alcohol-free vanilla extract ( or use half a vanilla bean)
1 tbsp. raw organic coconut oil ( I like Garden of Life brand)
5-10 ice cubes depending on how thick you like your smoothie

Directions: Blend all the ingredients except the coconut oil first in your blender. Then, after everything is blended, add the coconut oil and blend again for 30 seconds. It will mix much better this way and emulsify the smoothie better, helping to make it thicker. Enjoy!

Source: bakedbree.com


Smooth and Silky Snickerdoodle Cookie Smoothie

Smooth and Silky Snickerdoodle Cookie Smoothie Okay, now this smoothie is for all of you out there who love a sweet treat like I do! Snickerdoodles were a childhood favorite of mine, and really, how can anyone disagree with me here? Cinnamon, sugar and vanilla combined are just such a delightful combination, however if you stay away from sugar like I do, this smoothie is for you. I love that this smoothie satisfies your sweet tooth, through nature’s most nutritious ingredients. Enjoy with a hot cup of cocoa for a delightful winter treat.

Serves: 1

1 cup Silk Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk
2 full drops of NuNaturals liquid stevia, vanilla flavor
1 scoop vanilla protein powder of your choice ( I like Vega and Sunwarrior brands)
1-2 tbsp. raw organic almond butter
1 vanilla bean or vanilla extract
¼ tsp. cinnamon
5-8 ice cubes
optional: dash of cardamom

Directions: Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender, blend, and serve.

Source: silk.com


Vanilla Chai Green Smoothie

Vanilla Chai Green Smoothie This recipe is one of my very own, and one I’ve found to be a favorite in the cold winter months. I love that it fills me up, satisfies my sweet tooth and has a good dose of greens in it for natural cleansing properties. It tastes like dessert and keeps you going all day long. Enjoy!

Serves: 1

1 packet or 1 scoop of Vega One Vanilla Chai flavor
1 full drop of NuNaturals vanilla liquid stevia
1 stalk celery, broken in half
1/2 bunch of fresh, organic cilantro
1 cup fresh greens of choice ( I like a romaine and kale mix)
dash each of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom ( optional, but I always include them)
1 cup frozen spinach
1/4 cup plain yogurt
1 cup almond milk cubes (freeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk into ice cubes the night before or morning before you make this), or sub in ice cubes
1 cup cold water

Directions: Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender, blend, and serve.

Source: soulfulspoon.com


Cantaloupe Cucumber Chia Smoothie

Cantaloupe Cucumber Chia Smoothie I found this recipe and just adore it! It’s incredibly wonderful for your immunity, and it’s really simple to digest if you have tummy issues. It’s also so refreshing and calming to the body. Enjoy this as a light snack or breakfast when you want some winter refreshment.
Serves: 1

½ cup plain organic yogurt ( Greek is best)
1 cup fresh cantaloupe cubes
1 whole cucumber ( use organic, or peel it first)- chopped
dash of ginger
dash of cinnamon
5 ice cubes
2 tbsp. chia seeds
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Directions: Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender, blend, and serve.

Source: prudentbaby.com

Winter smoothies are just amazing for you, despite that they are a little chilly to drink. Like I mentioned, I enjoy a hot cup of tea alongside my smoothie, or cocoa to warm me up a bit. Do you drink winter smoothies? What’s your favorite combination of flavors?

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