33 Foods That Should Always Be on Your Grocery List ...


If you have a hard time buying healthy foods or sticking to a budget, then toss your normal grocery cart contents and include these foods for your grocery list instead. While you don’t necessarily need to buy them all at one time, implement at least 10 each time you go to the store. Build your meals around these foods and you’ll be on your way to a healthy brain, and a naturally slim and strong body for life. All of these foods support metabolism, brain function, your heart, lean muscle mass, blood cells, immunity, hormones and your taste buds! Now put away the Twinkies and use these foods for your grocery list instead!

1. Organic Greek Yogurt or Kefir


High in calcium, lean protein, probiotics, Vitamin B12 and more, organic Greek yogurt is one of the best foods for your grocery list. If you’re intolerant to dairy, try goat’s milk yogurt instead, or if you're vegan, try a coconut or almond milk variety.

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