Girl Scout Cookies' Online Sales Announcement is Every Cookie-holic's Dream ...

Buying Girl Scout cookies is about to become WAY easier! After nearly a century of requiring purchases to be made in person, Girl Scouts are finally getting the option to set up websites where their friends and family can place orders. Anyone else ready to purchase just about every box of Thin Mints and Samoas?! When you buy them online, they'll be shipped right to your front door!

Of course, if you're one of those people that refuses to break tradition, you'll still be able to make your purchases the old-fashioned way, too. Whatever floats your boat! There is a catch though... online ordering is only accessible through an email invitation! The whole purpose of making sales digital is to teach the young girls about email marketing, finance and online communication. They won't be able build relationships with buyers and learn sales techniques if anyone and everyone can access their page!

Kelly Parisi, chief communications executive of GSUSA, said: "We are girl-led and girl-driven. We go where girls are, and girls are digital natives. The digital component will enhance the sales, and the byproduct will be a larger social imprint from the girls." According to USA Today, the majority of Girl Scout councils across the USA will be testing the program during this year's cookie season. By the end of next year, more councils are expected to be on board.

Are you excited for this new and convenient way to feed your GS cookie addiction?!

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