Grab a Handful of These Finger Foods for a Healthy, Filling Snack ...


Many research studies have discovered that munching between meals can have a valuable place in a healthy meal plan. That’s because when you get too hungry, you are much more likely to choose unhealthy foods as well as to overeat at meal time. By eating small amounts of food between meals, you stabilize your hunger and metabolism so that you have more control when you sit down for a meal. The trick is choosing the right snacks and eating them in moderate amounts. Here are some tasty and healthy choices. Enjoy!

1. Pistachios


Pistachios, like many other kinds of nuts, might not seem like a good choice due to their calorie content. While you will want to limit your snack to about an ounce, pistachios have a host of health benefits. They contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as lots of protein. That translates to a filling snack that also gives you a bunch of energy. Having to remove the shells helps keep you from overdoing it.

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