9 Low-Calorie Foods That Are Actually Delicious ...


First of all, Iโ€™m not usually one to promote low calorie foods, or low calorie eating to anyone. In fact, I eat a good few calories myself each day and enjoy them liberally as fuel for my metabolism. Yet, it can be easy to forget about simple, low-calorie foods that are actually full of benefits for your body and donโ€™t taste like cardboard or rubber. Wonder what they are? Read on to find out my favorite low calorie foods that I eat in addition to all my coconut, nuts, seeds, avocados and oils. Hey, a girl needs balance in her life, and on her plate, right?

1. Spinach


I have to tell you, spinach is one of my favorite low calorie foods, and not just one of mine! My McDonaldโ€™s loving brother also chooses spinach anytime he gets a salad and loves it on sandwiches. Obviously, thereโ€™s something to this amazing green. Spinach contains 5 grams of protein per cup with only 20 calories, no fat, and 2 grams of fiber. It also has 20% of your daily iron, 30% your daily magnesium, and 100% of your daily Vitamin A requirements.Spinach also has 20% of your daily calcium requirements too, along with Vitamin C, B vitamins like folate, and lots of chlorophyll to keep your cells squeaky clean and healthy! Plus, spinach has a rich, sweet, buttery taste unlike other, bitter greens. Fresh or frozen, it makes a great food to use in smoothies, stir-fries, soups, eggs, sauteed with garlic, or use fresh spinach in salads, in whole grain wraps, or on a sprouted grain sandwich.

Red Bell Peppers
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