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9 Moments in Life That Call for the Munchies ...

By Neecey

We know all the problems over-snacking can cause –especially if we don’t always choose healthy snacks. The trouble is, cos life is sucky that way, there are times when you simply have to snack. I say, when the munchies call – answer them! The munchies shouldn’t be banging on your door every hour, or even every day. There are some times when they come calling where you can enjoy giving in to the munchies. Like these:

1 Snacks Are Part of the Movie Watching Experience

There is no better time for the munchies than when you are settling down to watch a great movie. Whether it's popcorn and sweets in the cinema or something a little more personal at home, snacking on some of your favorite foods whilst watching your favorite Hollywood stars is a match made in heaven.

2 Snacks Make a Rainy Day Feel a Whole Lot Better

It should be law that when it's raining so hard on a dark Sunday afternoon that you can't even leave the house, that all munchies are on the table! There is nothing better than snacking on some delicious comfort foods when the weather is terrible outside; after all, we need something to make us smile on those dreary days!

3 Sports Games Were Made for Snacking

There is a great communal atmosphere that is created when you get together with friends or family to watch the big game, and the best accompaniment to these events are a great selection of snacks. Food and sport brings people together, so what better idea than to combine the two?

4 Something Yummy after a Fight is like a Bandaid

There something to be said for the restorative powers of a good munchies session after you have had a fight with your boyfriend. Running to the store and picking up your favorite flavor of ice cream will not only give you a tasty treat but also give you time to reflect on the argument and try to think of a resolution.

5 What’s a Holiday without Being Able to Munch on Goodies?

Besides spending time with your loved ones and the giving and receiving of gifts, the best part of holiday season is all the wonderful food! It is the one time of the year that everybody forgets about calorie counting and eats all the delicious foods they want to. Don't feel guilty; it's what holiday season is all about!

6 Snacks Make the Most of a Sunny Day

One of the great luxuries of utilizing a wonderfully sunny day is to getting out in the park or on the beach and having a lovely picnic. Enjoying delicious homemade munchies with your friends or family in a beautiful outdoor setting is something that makes summers so special, and you can have a great mixture of healthy foods and naughty foods!

7 Family Visits Call for Delicious Snacks and Nibbles

Though hosting a big family get together can be a quite stressful experience, it does give you a great excuse to bring out all of your favorite foods and snacks. Good food makes everybody happier, and this can be the perfect antidote for a family gathering to dissipate the chance of any unnecessary arguments. Happy tummies = happy minds!

8 Snacks for Traveling Make the Trip Seem Shorted

Nothing makes a long, boring journey feel a little bit more bearable and enjoyable than having a tasty snack for the ride. A long bus or train trip can be made to feel a lot quicker if you have a few of your favorites to munch on along the way.

9 When You're Stressed, Sometimes a Snack is the Best Cure

Whether it's exam stress, family stress or job stress, nothing takes the edge off like a bar of chocolate, or two (but not 3 ‘cos that’s just greedy!) There is no time for calorie counting when you have bigger issues playing on your mind. Try to relax with a few of your favorite snacks and it might make you feel a bit better.

Snacking needn’t sabotage your diet, make you feel guilty or make you break your weight loss journey. After all, it’s called snacking, not stuffing! What are your go-to snacks when the munchies call?

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