7 Reasons to Add Variety to Your Diet Each Week ...


One of the most beneficial reasons to add variety to your diet is to keep your body fueled with an array of different nutrients, but there are many other reasons to consider as well. If you eat the same foods day in and day out, you are hindering your body’s ultimate energy and nutritional needs. I used to eat the same foods every single day, simply because during a very busy lifestyle I had at the time, it was easier for me to prep the same meals for one week at a time than worry about five or six. However, what I learned was that no matter how healthy tuna, oats and salads may be, they aren’t meant to be eaten every single day without any variation or diversity. If your meals look the same throughout the week, consider some of these reasons to add variety to your diet. I hope that not only will you enjoy your food more, but you’ll also feel much better by switching up your diet.

1. Nutrient Overload

One of the main reasons to add variety to your diet is because, if you’re eating the same things each day, you’re getting the same amount of concentrated nutrients from those foods. This could lead to nutrient overload from one food, and deprivation of nutrients from other foods. Even taking a good multivitamin won’t give you the same variation benefits as if you ate different foods. For instance, tuna is a healthy, lean source of protein, but it’s also concentrated in selenium, and one of the fish highest in mercury. Studies have shown that too much selenium can be detrimental to health, and fish higher in mercury like tuna shouldn’t be eaten more than once per week. Or, for instance, spinach is a great source of iron and Vitamin A, but it is also high in oxalic acid, also known as oxalates. Oxalates can cause your bones to leach calcium, and have been linked to kidney stones when eaten it excess. Spinach is also a goitrogenic green vegetable, which means in overload, it can cause low thyroid function. You should eat healthy foods like spinach and tuna if you like them, but simply not every day to avoid overloading on them.

Digestive Benefits
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