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35 Scrumptious Street Foods You Won't Have to Travel for ...

By Neecey

You don’t need a plane ticket to enjoy street food from all around the world. With a recipe, some exotic ingredients and a sense of adventure, you can create delicious street food in your own kitchen.

1 Empanadas De Viento

Empanadas De VientoRecipe
Empanadas are fried pastries with a variety of fillings found all over all over South and Central America

2 Doubles

Curried chickpeas in dough. The favorite street food of Trinidad and Tobago.


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3 Sgonfiotti

This Italian street food is fried ravioli stuffed with ricotta.

4 Chicken Shawarma

Chicken ShawarmaRecipe
Juicy succulent spicy chicken in fluffy bread from the Arabic countries of North Africa.

5 Socca

A chickpea flour pancake popular in the French Provençal region.

6 Poffertjes


Made from buckwheat flour and yeast, Poffertjes are Dutch pancake puffs.

7 Bridies

A yummy meaty pasty from Scotland not to be confused with the traditional Cornish pasty.

8 Falafel

One of the main street foods of the Middle East.

9 Choripan

Choripan is a grilled chorizo hotdog with chimmichirri sauce from Argentina.

10 Simit

Simit is a chewy Turkish pretzel sprinkled with sesame seeds.

11 Grilled Corn

Grilled CornRecipe
The ubiquitous Mexican street food.

12 Hoddeok


A much loved Korean street food – a sweet pancake with a syrupy filling

13 Besan Cheela

Besan CheelaRecipe
Another chickpea pancake but very different to Socca. This a huge hit in India

14 Grilled Chicken Yakitori

Grilled Chicken YakitoriRecipe
Skewered chicken is a favorite street food all around the world. This is the Japanese choice.

15 Bunny Chow

Bunny ChowRecipe
Despite the name, this South African street food is a curry in a hollowed out loaf of bread.

16 Leche Frita

Leche FritaRecipe
Spaniards love to munch on this fried milk dessert.

17 Zapiekanka

Head to a street stall in Poland for a soft chewy baguette loaded with cheese and mushrooms.

18 Kanom Krok

Kanom KrokRecipe
Kanom Krok are heavenly coconut cakes from Thailand.

19 Takoyaki

Taste so much better than they sound - octopus stuffed pastry balls. Give them a try.

20 Souvlaki

Skewers of pork or chicken or sometimes lamb. You pass dozens of souvlaki stalls in Greece.

21 Tantuni

This Turkish meat dish is a specialty of the city of Mersin.

22 Aloo Tikki

Aloo TikkiRecipe
So much delicious vegetarian street food in India – like these pea and potato pancakes.

23 Suppli

You’ll recognize them as arancini but in Rome and the Lazio region they are called suppli - named from the French word for surprise because there is always something delicious hidden in the center.

24 Layered Scallion Pancakes

Layered Scallion PancakesRecipe
Usually fried in lard in their original Taiwan, but this recipe uses vegetable oil.

25 Lángos

Hungary's street food includes this deep fried flat bread.

26 Steamed Dumplings

Steamed DumplingsRecipe
You’ll find so many recipes for steamed dumplings because every Chinese household will have their own version.

27 Bhajiya

Commonly seen in India, Bhajiya (aka pakora) are also a favorite street food in Fiji.

28 Pupusas

Fried masa cakes filled with meat or cheese are a street food from El Salvador and Honduras.

29 Churros

What makes this Spanish fried doughnut even better is a chocolate dipping sauce.

30 Panelle

Panelle are fritters made from gram (chickpea) flour from Sicily.

31 Baja-Style Fish Tacos

Baja-Style Fish TacosRecipe
You’ll find these in Mexico and Brazil’s coastal regions.

32 Dragon Phoenix Leg

Dragon Phoenix LegRecipe
This charming sounding dish is from Taiwan.

33 Chicken Crocodiles

Chicken CrocodilesRecipe
Deep fried dough filled with a yummy chicken mixture from Brazil.

34 Fried Bananas

Fried BananasRecipe
A simple dessert that will transport you to the sublime shores of Hawaii.

35 Chili Crab

Chili CrabRecipe
The most famous street food in Singapore.

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