Create the Perfect Meal with These Thanksgiving Dinner Infographics ...

Whether you're hosting your first turkey dinner or you're an old pro, there's always something new to learn and do that will make the entire task that much easier. These infographics cover a variety of topics that will teach you how to have an epic Thanksgiving dinner without too much frustration or effort.

1. How Long to Cook Your Turkey

Source: How Long to Cook a
This handy guide will help you serve a perfect, juicy turkey, no matter how many guests are at your table.

2. Thanksgiving Etiquette

Source: How to Set Your Table
Impress anyone with your very proper Thanksgiving etiquette.

3. How to Brine a Turkey

Source: Traeger Blog Recipes & How
Brining is an easy way to create a juicy turkey so give it a try this year. You won't be sorry!

4. Super Helpful Thanksgiving Dinner Planner

Source: INFOGRAPHIC: How to Thaw, Brine

5. How Much to Serve for Your Thanksgiving Guests

Source: How Much To Serve For
This handy guide covers everything you need to know to host Thanksgiving dinner this year.

6. The Complete Guide to Pairing Wine, Beer and Booze with Every Thanksgiving Dish

Source: Wine, Beer & Booze Pairings
Everyone will have the ideal drink when you consult this helpful infographic.

7. Turkey from Start to Finish

Source: Turkey Day!
Use this guide to go from frozen to perfectly cooked.

8. Step-by-step Thanksgiving Planning Cheat Sheet

Source: Your Step By Step Thanksgiving
The entire day will go so smoothly when you use this timeline for getting ready.

9. Thanksgiving How to

Source: Favorite Meals Holiday Jennie-O Turkey
You'll never have a turkey that's cooked outside, but still frozen inside when you consult this list.

10. How Much Should You Eat on Thanksgiving?

Source: How Many Calories Are Actually
Watching your calories? This info will help you choose the right items to put on your plate.

11. No More Lumpy Gravy

Even Grandma will be impressed by your gravy when you follow these tips.

12. How and when to Begin Prepping/cooking the Thanksgiving Meal with Wine Breaks

Source: Honey We're Home: Thanksgiving Planning
Dinner will be ready right on time!

13. 10 Ways to Use Your Pumpkin

Source: 10 Ways To Use Your
Not a fan of pumpkin pie? Or do you have too much? Use it in one of these delicious ways.

14. Martha Stewart's Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

Source: Hosting Thanksgiving
Thanks, Martha!

15. Thanksgiving Countdown Planner

Source: Thanksgiving Countdown Planner : Recipes
Thanksgiving will go off without a hitch when you use this handy guide.

16. How to Roast Your First Turkey

Source: A visual guide to roasting
First time cooking a turkey? This makes it simple.

17. Get to Know Your Bird

Source: Turkey Cooking Time Guide
Here's everything you need to know about your turkey.

18. The Ultimate Survival Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

Source: Behance
You'll be hostess with the mostess when you follow this advice.

19. Which Thanksgiving Foods Are Okay to Give Your Dog?

Source: INFOGRAPHIC: Which Thanksgiving Foods Are
Sharing with Fido this year? Keep him safe with the right foods.

20. Feast on These Thanksgiving Social Media Facts

Source: Which Thanksgiving Side Dish Wins
Share these stats with your guests for some fun dinner conversation.

21. 6 Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving Easier

Source: Guide to Turkey
An easier Thanksgiving? Sign me up!

22. How to Carve Your Thanksgiving Turkey in 5 Easy Steps

Source: How to carve your Thanksgiving
You'll be so good at it that you'll be the official turkey carver from now on.

23. Be Heart-healthy This Thanksgiving

Source: Thanksgiving Dinner: Serve This, Not
If you're watching your heart health, this eating advice should help you make the right choices.

24. Healthy Meal Alternatives for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Source: The Nutrition Twins
Make the right choices and you can enjoy Thanksgiving without overdoing it.

25. The Anatomy of a Day-after Turkey Sandwich

Source: The Anatomy of a Day-After
Here's the perfect way to use your leftovers.

26. Host Thanksgiving with Ease

Source: Serve Up a Hobby Farms
Hang this on the fridge and you'll be all set for the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.

27. Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

Source: Thanksgiving dinner on a budget
Watching your pocketbook? This should help.

28. Non-GMO Thanksgiving

Source: Non-GMO Thanksgiving Infographic!
This information will help you choose the best foods for your table.

29. Impress Your Guests

Source: A Quick Guide to the
No one will be able to believe your awesome hosting skills!

30. How Much Exercise It Takes to Work off a Thanksgiving Feast

Source: How Much Exercise It Takes
Burn off all that extra food with this handy calorie guide.

31. Turkey Facts

Source: Psychic Hotline & Medium Readings
Just in case you were wondering...

32. What to Watch on Netflix Based on Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Source: What to Watch on Netflix
When you're too full to move, use this guide to find what to watch on TV.

33. How to Have a 100 Mile Thanksgiving

Source: Take This Advice To Feel
These tips will make you feel great about your celebration.

34. Eat like a Pilgrim

Source: Eat Like a Pilgrim
Relive the first Thanksgiving with the original menu.

35. Turkey Frying Tips

Frying your turkey this year? This will help you get it done right.

36. How to Deep Fry Your ENTIRE Thanksgiving Dinner

Or are you frying everything? This will help.

Which of these is going to revolutionize your Thanksgiving dinner this year?