9 Snacks to Keep in Your Desk Drawer to Curb Hanger ...


9 Snacks to Keep in Your Desk Drawer to Curb Hanger ...
9 Snacks to Keep in Your Desk Drawer to Curb Hanger ...

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not pleasant to be around when I get too hungry. This phenomenon, termed "hangry" refers to the irritableness and anger that can happen when you go too long between meals. Ideally, you should be refueling every 3 to 4 hours. You can enjoy healthy snacks between meals if you need to, provided you account for their calories in your daily totals so you don't start gaining weight. Getting hangry can definitely happen at work, so stock your desk with these snacks and you'll never be the victim of it ever again.

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Everyone Loves Peanut Butter

Yes, you can just eat a glob of peanut butter and feel great about it. Why else would you be able to buy single serving packets of it at the supermarket? Peanut butter is a great source of protein and you don't need anything else with it to benefit. So go ahead, squeeze it straight into your mouth and get on with your day.


Trail Mix is Tasty

Not just any trail mix will do, but if you choose the right kind, you get the optimal mixture of healthy carbs, healthy fats and protein. Look for something that contains nuts, raisins, seeds and chocolate chips. It feels indulgent and decadent, but is a pretty healthy choice when you get hangry.


You Can't Go Wrong with Kettle Corn

Again, some versions of kettle corn won't fit the bill because they are too sugary. However, popcorn counts as a whole grain and contains a ton of fiber, which satisfies your appetite and lets you get through the day without getting hangry. A lightly sweetened version is your best bet. Try a sweet and salty kettle corn - you'll love it!


Almonds Are a Perfect Choice

You've probably heard the benefits of eating nuts and now is the time to give them a try. Almonds are loaded with protein and fiber, which fills you up and keeps you full for hours. You can enjoy almonds on their own or toss them into trail mix or on a cup of Greek yogurt.


Try Pretzel Crisps Today

Maybe you've heard that you should stay away from pretzels because they are bad carbs. You definitely don't want to eat tons of them, but a few are actually a pretty healthy choice. They contain carbs, which you need for energy and the crisp version are lower in calories than other choices. Enjoy your pretzel crisps with hummus or peanut butter for a good dose of protein.


Cheddar Crackers Will Never You Let You down

Choose a low-calorie version made with whole grains and you can enjoy a handful of crackers to ward of that hangry feeling you know is coming on. Like pretzels, cheddar crackers contain the carbs you need for energy and they satisfy a salty, crunchy craving at the same time.


Dry Cereal is Easy to Eat

Maybe you haven't eaten dry cereal since you were a kid, but there's a good reason why it makes for a healthy snack. Cereal is a grain, which means it contains fiber and protein, which will fill you up when hangry hits. Make sure you're choosing a cereal low in sugar, such as Cheerios or Corn Chex, so you don't overdo it on calories. Plus, too much sugar will cause a crash, which only works to increase your appetite.


Small Servings of Candy Are OK

You might wonder how candy can fit in a healthy diet, but it can. As long as you eat small servings and don't go back for more, you're good to go. Some candy contains nuts or nut butters, which gives you some protein. The fat satisfies appetite and makes you feel anything but hangry. The sugar gives you a bit of a rush, helping you get through the hours until your next meal. Twizzlers or Snickers (again, in SMALL portions) are great choices.


It's Always Time for Chocolate

Like candy, too much chocolate isn't a good option, but a little but won't hurt. Chocolate contains fat, which satisfies your appetite and helps you stay full for a couple of hours. Plus, as we all know, when you feel hangry, eating chocolate is a sure fire way to soothe your emotions.

What's your go-to snack when you're hangry? Do you plan to try any of these choices?

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