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Tasty and Easy Snacks to Fill You up ...

By Leiann

This YouTube video reveals some easy-to-make snacks that are tasty and filling. No empty calories! Follow along...

Which one is your favorite? My favorite is the cucumber tomato salad! You get your veggies and your calcium all at the same time, with a satisfying feeling.

Yes, the others are good, but a person can consume only so much peanut butter. Don't get me wrong, I like peanut butter, but I have peanut butter so much in my weekly diet, that I like a little variation when possible. How about you?

Snacks are good for kids of all ages. These snacks are super healthy. These may seem like "too" easy, but sometimes people need to be reminded. Do you need to write the ingredients down for your next grocery shopping trip?

I hope you like!

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