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Tuna has been one of my favorite foods since I was a child, and since then, I’ve come across some really tasty and filling tuna recipes that are easy to make and healthy for you too! Many people are wary of buying canned foods with good reason these days due to BPA and such. Tuna is also somewhat higher in mercury than other fish, so I always suggest buying sustainable canned fish when you can that are made without BPA can liners, and have reduced mercury levels. Alternately, you can reduce the amount you eat per week in general. One of my favorite brands is Wild Planet Foods, which carries a great line of canned salmon and tuna that doesn’t contain BPA liners and also has much less mercury than other brands of tuna. Tuna is a fantastic source of protein and the mineral selenium. Selenium is so important for your thyroid and your metabolism. Protein is essential to keep you full, prevent insulin surges, and build lean muscle. Tuna also contains only 1 gram of fat or less when you buy varieties without oil, and it makes for the perfect lunch to combat cravings, enhance your mood and sustain you throughout the day. Plus, it is just so tasty! Try some of these new tuna recipes instead of your old standby. They’ll give you a new taste of this fantastic fish that offers so many benefits.

1. Wild Planet Salade Nicoise

Wild Planet Salade Nicoise

This recipe is a fantastic source of nutrients and one of my favorite tuna recipes of all time. It is simple to make and contains a good variety of veggies so you get a filling plate that is nutritious and delicious. If you haven’t ever had a version of Tuna Nicoise, make this recipe the first you try. I promise, you’ll be hooked in no time!

Serves: 2


1 can (5oz) Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna, undrained

6 small red potatoes, quartered, steamed and cooled

12 fresh green beans, halved, steamed lightly and cooled

1/2 cup grape or cherry tomatoes, halved

2 Tbsp capers, drained

1/2 cup chopped cucumber

1/2 cup Nicoise or other olives

1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion

4 Tbsp olive oil

2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp fresh chopped thyme, basil, parsley or dill

Mixed salad greens

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced into 1/4" thick slices


Place Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna and juices from the can into a large bowl. Flake tuna with a fork to separate into bite size pieces. Add steamed potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, capers, cucumbers, olives and red onion, mix to combine. Whisk together olive oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard and herbs to create a vinaigrette. Pour over tuna mixture and mix lightly. Arrange salad greens on two plates, top with tuna mixture and garnish with hard boiled eggs. Season with sea salt and pepper.

Wild Albacore Tuna, Pasta and White Bean Salad
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