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The Fruit or Vegetable You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Want to know the fruit or vegetable you are according to your zodiac sign? Have you ever been described as a bad apple? Perhaps you think that you are cool as a cucumber? Or maybe you like to rock your beautiful pear shape! There are millions of ways that people describe themselves and each other using fruits and vegetables, but did you know that if you take a trip down astrology lane, you might be able to discover something new about yourself? Let’s have some fun! Here is the fruit or vegetable you are according to your zodiac sign.

1 Taurus

You like to enjoy a lot of stability in your life, and there is nothing more stable and traditional in the vegetable world than the classic carrot!

2 Gemini

You are a complex person with lots of different layers, so a coconut, with its hard furry shell and soft, sweet flesh is the perfect match!

3 Cancer

Mangoes can be tough to prepare with their intricate cutting requirements, and you can also be someone who takes a little time to open up to a person!

4 Leo

You are the colourful star of the show who is a natural born crowd pleasure, so it makes that you match most with the classic strawberry.

5 Virgo

You are a loyal and hardworking friend who can add a lot of depth and flavour to your social circle, just like the beautiful and versatile bell pepper!

6 Libra

You are an outdoorsy person who likes to be considered a refreshing presence in everybody’s lives, just like the zingy orange!

7 Scorpio

You can sometimes be a bit of mystery to solve for those around you, very much like the dramatic but beautiful dragon fruit!

8 Sagittarius

You are pretty much a fan favourite amongst your friends and family, somebody who everybody loves and invites to every event. Your popularity definitely matches the hipster craze for avocados!

9 Capricorn

You are a traditional kind of girl but you have an inner strength that is envied by every other sign and the vegetable that that reminds us of that the most is definitely spinach!

10 Aquarius

You are a breath of fresh air whilst also being intellectual and fun, very much like the humble blueberry, beloved with a permanent pop of freshness!

11 Pisces

You are loved by everyone, but you do have the ability to be shocking when you need to be, very much like sweetness and sharpness of a lemon!

12 Aries

You are at your best when being challenged both mentally and physically, and the health benefits of kale will put you in the best position to be in top form!

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