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If you’re on a diet, look away now because I’m going to bring you yummy things to dip in chocolate. In fact if you’re on a diet, you shouldn’t even have opened this article, because I promise you, you’ll put on pounds just reading it. The things to dip in chocolate are already probably off limits if you’re avoiding highly calorific, sweet, fatty and lusciously delicious things that aren’t too good for you. But, if you need a treat, a pick-me-up, or just a pig out, read on!

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Maraschino Cherries

Maraschino Cherries I have to confess that having a cherry to stir it is my favorite reason to drink cocktails. I never imagined that maraschino cherries would be one of the things to dip in chocolate, but this is the first I am going to try. I love cherry liqueurs at Christmas so this is the next best thing. Simply melt some of your favorite chocolate and dip the cherries in. Put on a wax-paper/baking parchment lined tray and freeze until set. Keep in the fridge once set as they melt quickly.


Ruffled Potato Chips

Ruffled Potato Chips There is something very special about salt and chocolate (have you not heard the South Park Chef sing about chocolate salty balls?). No need to go to all the hassle of making balls, just dip some of your favorite salted ruffled chips halfway into melted chocolate. Put them on waxed paper to set then devour. (p.s. my UK friends – use ridged crisps like McCoy’s).



Marzipan Almonds are very good for you and have terrific health benefits – right? Well I don’t think chocolate dipped marzipan counts! But hey, save the yummy almonds for a day when you’re being good and eating clean. For a scrummy almond treat, break some bits off a block of marzipan, shape into discs and dip into melted chocolate – full or halfway – whatever you like. Leave to set on some wax paper then chomp down!


Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Can you not get enough of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups? Thanks to Good Housekeeping you can now make your own nutty treat. Make some small scoops of peanut butter and line them up on a lined tray. Pop in the freezer until hard. Dip the peanut butter bites in melted chocolate, put back on the tray and return to the freezer for about 15 minutes. Eat immediately or keep in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies A chocolate chip cookie seems like overkill when it comes to things to dip in chocolate because they already contain those decadent chunks of chocolate, but who said you can have too much chocolate? When your favorite choc chip cookie just isn’t hitting the spot, melt some chocolate and dip away. Wait until set and you’re good to go.



Bacon I know, I know. I read about this some time ago and I simply had to try it. I tried it first with some bacon flavour snacks we have in the UK called Frazzles and then went to real bacon. I personally think you need sweet-cured or honey-cured bacon but don’t just cook some bacon and dip it. I recommend you follow a recipe like this one yumsugar.com or this one here tasteofhome.com. You can up the ante on the decadence front by sprinkling it with sea salt, crushed pistachios or even shredded coconut!



Fruit Yep – this is an oldie but goodie but really, if you want to be traditional, there are so any fruits that can be dipped in chocolate, so don’t restrict yourself to strawberries. For example, cut a banana into a length of 3-4 inches, put on a lollipop stick, roll in melted chocolate and freeze – it’s delicious! You could even roll it in chopped nuts, coconut , popping candy or hundreds and thousands (sprinkles) while the chocolate is still wet. Other fruits that are great to dip are mangoes, apples, pineapple, and raisins.

OK ladies, if you’re feeling brave, there are just tons of things to dip in chocolate. Stick to marshmallows or try a chunk of cheese! Pretzels, goldfish crackers, Oreos, Cheetos … whatever. I have a current passion for supersweet prunes (dried plums) and tried them with some of my favorite dark chocolate just the other day and is was delectable. What are you going to try?

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I work at a chocolate shop and we love getting creative with the things we cover in chocolate! might I also suggest: Oreos, gummy bears, vanilla wafer cookies, pretzel rods with toffee on top, or coffee beans! good luck

Aren't cherries fruits...

8. The Other Half - always better with chocolate 😉

Sooooo pleased you've fixed the problems with text.....Thankyou.

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