7 Ways to Cook Eggs and Serve Them ...


There are a lot of fun ways to cook eggs - one of the most nutrient-rich things out there! They're healthy, full of protein, yet high in fat. Keep that in mind, but enjoy them in moderation! The other great thing about eggs is once you buy them, you've usually got six or a dozen to get through! Read on for great ways to cook eggs and the ways to serve them!

1. Sunny-Side up

Sunny-Side up

One of the most fun ways to cook eggs is sunny-side up! Serve up a good sunny-side on an English Muffin, bagel or toast. Try different yolk textures and see which you like best. Sunny side eggs are fantastic with spinach, ham, cheese and pepper for a full egg sandwich. Layout the sandwich fixings for your brunch guests, have them make a spread and serve up the egg!

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