7 Ways to Cook Eggs and Serve Them ...


7 Ways to Cook Eggs and Serve Them ...
7 Ways to Cook Eggs and Serve Them ...

There are a lot of fun ways to cook eggs - one of the most nutrient-rich things out there! They're healthy, full of protein, yet high in fat. Keep that in mind, but enjoy them in moderation! The other great thing about eggs is once you buy them, you've usually got six or a dozen to get through! Read on for great ways to cook eggs and the ways to serve them!

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Sunny-Side up

One of the most fun ways to cook eggs is sunny-side up! Serve up a good sunny-side on an English Muffin, bagel or toast. Try different yolk textures and see which you like best. Sunny side eggs are fantastic with spinach, ham, cheese and pepper for a full egg sandwich. Layout the sandwich fixings for your brunch guests, have them make a spread and serve up the egg!



Pop-eye style is a pretty funny way to cook eggs. I remember first seeing it as a kid, and thinking it was hilarious! Pop-Eye style is a great way to serve up a platter for brunch or breakfast, or get kids into eating an egg. Use a yummy bread, get some pepper and fruit on the table, and you're set!



Omelettes are like the king of eggs and can be made in any way you choose! Set up little bowls of cheese, peppers, onions and more, and serve up your omelettes bar-style! Let your guests or family choose what they want in their omelette, and you've got a fun morning activity. Experiment with different cooking styles, fold styles and thicknesses. You'll become an omelette pro!



Hard-boiled eggs make a fantastic snack! I like to boil a bunch and keep them in a bowl in the fridge. They're easy to grab and carry around, and give you a great boost of energy! Serve up your hard-boiled egg with a carb, like a piece of fruit or a couple of crackers. You'll get a packed boost in no-time!



Scrambled eggs are definitely the most common egg style out there! Like an omelette bar, have fun with scrambles and flavors. This is the absolute easiest way to make a big batch for a group or brunch. Cook 'em up, and serve them in a big bowl with plenty of pepper and salt options!


White Only

If you know someone who is trying to watch their cholesterol or fat intake, get them hooked on egg whites. Egg whites can be cooked in any way and are a delicious alternative to the full egg. Buy cartons of egg whites only, or learn to crack and get rid of the yolk! Find ways to make the egg whites just as flavorful, and your friend will thank you.



Soft-boiled is the style of egg you see the little egg stands for. These go great with toast or toast sticks. If you're having trouble timing the boiling process, don't worry! You'll get it down pretty quick after a couple of tries. Get fun egg stands to set on pretty plates, and don't forget to serve 'em with a spoon, too!

There are a lot of fun ways to cook eggs for yourself, your family and your guests. Give them a try, and make every Sunday different. What's your favorite style and way to serve eggs?

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